Friday, March 28, 2008


The thing I hate to hear the most is when someone who longs to have a child of their own, someone who is mature and able to take care of a family, someone who wishes to bring a child into this world cannot. No matter what methods are tried, no matter what procedures they do, they are just unable to have children.
And then there are those young girls who just don't know how to keep their legs together and get pregnant all the time. The girls who go from one man, one bed, to the next. They have two or three children before they are 22, none of which are from the same father. I just don't understand why they continue to put themselves in that position. They can't afford their children, they can't afford to live and they live off of others. There are such things as FREE birth control... They should really look into that.
It just is not fair when those who long for a child have to suffer while those who can't raise/afford a child have multiple. Isn't there some way that can be changed? Some way to have it all make sense? Some way to have it work out right and better for everyone?
Another thing is the children with that unwed, young mother are not going to be raised right. They are probably going to be in bad situations and terrible places. Granted, I'm making assumptions and stereo-typing, but in a lot of cases, that's how it is. The mother doesn't have time to be WITH the children because she's too busy working to provide food for them. Or in some cases, she's too busy playing with the next guy in line. Those children do not need to be in that situation. They need to be in a healthy life-style. With people who care for them and love them and will teach them the right things.
That brings up the whole adoption thoughts. The people who want a child could take the ones of those who are not in a good situation to have a child. But some of the young mothers think they should keep their child and that it would be better for the child to be with them. But is it REALLY better for the child, or does the mother just not want to give him/her up? I don't blame the mother, it's her child for pete's sake. But if she cannot give the child the life he/she deserves, then should she really keep the child, or give her child to someone who cannot have one of their own, someone who has longed for and wanted a child to love and raise and teach the joys in life?
The adoption idea is great, but it's so expensive. Insurance companies don't cover adoption fees. Why is that? It doesn't seem fair. Instead of paying welfare and such for these mothers who cannot afford their own children, they should make the adoption process much less expensive, more rigid, but less expensive so that people can afford to take these children into better situations and families.
Or maybe I just have all my ideas skewed. Maybe I just have no idea what I'm talking about. Each situation has different reasons and circumstances for the outcomes. I just wish my friend could have children. She has tried many times and many ways, but with no success. It's very sad and I wish that she could have carried children of her own. Instead she has to watch as her friends, sister-in-laws, etc are having child after child. Some married and in a happy family, some just can't keep their legs together.
I'm sorry, friend. I wish there was something I could do for you. I wish I could give you the ability to bear your own children. Perhaps one day, when you aren't trying or expecting... Either way, I wish you happiness in your small family you do have.

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Serious subject....go will make you cry.