Monday, October 13, 2008

Clues that you live in the 'shady' part of town:

(This is not in any way meant to offend or be rude, it's just stereotypical and what we see.)

~ Rent is cheaper than any one of your friend's.
~ The front stairs (and back porch) are made of some pretty questionable quality wood.
~ The place you live is the same quality as the apartments your company rehabs.
~ You and your room-mate are 2 of the 5 white people on the whole street.
~ The police drive down the street at least once a day - sometimes 2 or 3.
~ Some lady stops you as you leave your house to sell you some "toys" for the bedroom out of a black plastic garbage bag.
~ You see on average one cockroach per day (although mostly outside).
~ You've never seen your neighbor downstairs without alcohol in his hand.
~ The guys downstairs are high more often than not.
~ When friends come to visit - they refuse to stay the nite because they don't want anything to happen to their car.
~ You feel the need to lock your front door behind you, even if it's the middle of the day.

~ Cops come to your front door, ask for ID, and start questioning you about who lives in the apartment and how long you've lived there.

But of course none of these happen to us.... We don't live in the ghetto...

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Tag - You're It!!

Okay - I won't tag anyone, cuz I'm not really sure who reads this.
But REL tagged me so I have to post the 4th picture in my 4th picture file... Good thing I'm using my work computer...hahaha!!
Strange thing about my pictures (or my OCD habits) is that I like to keep everything in folders and labeled... So this was technically the 4th picture, in the 4th folder in the 4th category of folders. . . If that made sense.
And it's also a different folder than when I open 'My Pictures.' When I go to upload the pictures, it's all in a different order. But I'm glad, and I'm sure my friend would be glad as he would've been the chosen picture for the 4th of the 4th had I went in the 'My Pictures' folder order.

This picture was taken on the way out dancing in Wilmington. Yes, I enjoy going to the clubs and dancing.
Feels like it's been awhile... Or perhaps it's just been awhile since I've gone with the peoples I used to go with...
Either way, I may just have to remedy the whole 'not danced in a while' feeling.
Clubbin' Friday nite anyone??

Friday, October 3, 2008

The smell of ....

Sugar? Chocolate? Ten pounds being added to my gut??

I'm not sure what the smell is exactly - but opening a bag of candy smells so good.

I got a bunch of Halloween candy for all the guys at work (and myself of course). I opened the bags and it just smelled so good!!

Or when you have your bag of Trick-or-Treat candy closed up and stashed away...and then you open it to take out one of the coveted morsels of goodness .... and the smell just permeates your nostrils... and then you can't resist having two, or three, or four pieces of the deliciousness. I remember the days....

I wanna go Trick-or-Treating again. Why can't I be a kid again?
Too bad I don't know anyone with kids that I can take trick-or-treating.

Oh well - I'll just buy my own bags of candy, put them in a pillowcase, and enjoy the smell each time I open it up...

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

MMmmmm... Yum!

Know what sounds good to me right now?

A big bowl of homemade stew - complete with potatoes, beef, carrots, peas, corn, celery, and lots of great flavor.
Along with a couple slices of fresh, warm, home-made bread.

That may not sound good to anyone else, but it definitely does to me. As of now today is turning out to be a rainy, chilly sort of day. One where you just want to go home, eat the yummy stew, and curl up on the couch with a good book or movie.
And lucky enough for me, I can go home and curl up with a good show and a great room-mate. Okay - the room-mate will probably stay on her chair while I'm on the couch, but we get to just stay home and stay cozy. Too bad I don't have anything to make the stew with....

It's also one of those days where I feel like being contemplative, but my mind doesn't really want to think about anything. Which is ultimately probably the best idea. My thoughts go everywhere lately. Okay, most of the time they always do, but definitely much more so now that my mood is all weird. It's a lose-lose situation.

I've also been thinking I've got to find a way to knock myself out before I got to sleep at nite. I woke up with the thunderstorm last nite, which was great, but I wasn't quite conscious enough to enjoy it. I did have strange dreams again - and I need to get rid of those.
Anybody know any good drugs?

Hm... I'm going back to dreaming about some nice, tasty stew and warm, homemade bread.... Maybe mom will just decide to make me some and then drive 6 hours to bring it to me... HAHA. (Only kind of joking, Mom.)