Thursday, March 26, 2009

In the ________ Mood

In the 'Leave work' Mood
In the 'Travel the world' Mood
In the 'Spend all the money I don't have' Mood
In the 'Go somewhere unexpected' Mood
In the 'Decorate for an amazing party/event' Mood
In the 'Go camping' Mood
In the 'Type some amazing story/report' Mood
In the 'Color my hair' Mood
In the 'Meet a new boy that actually gives me butterflies' Mood
In the 'Do something new' Mood
In the 'Sew something' Mood
In the 'Move' Mood
In the 'Snuggle with someone during a scary movie' Mood
In the 'Run Away from everyone' Mood
In the 'Baby-holding' Mood
In the 'Leave everything behind and go abroad' Mood
In the 'Beach' Mood
In the 'Go back to school' Mood
In the 'I can't make a decision, but NEED to' Mood
In the 'Feeling so many different things and have so many ideas that I'm going to explode' Mood

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

People are Strange

This is a very steretypical thing to say - but construction workers are stupid. Not trying to offend anyone who is, cuz technically I work for a construction company as well. But sometimes I just want to smack them and ask if they are serious?? Stupid, stupid, stupid. I guess that goes for most people - not just the type I work with.

Plus - they are strange...

"God is really going to bless you because you are so good. You're just a great person. He's going to give you the best boyfriend ever."

Is a boyfriend a blessing now??
Well - how unblessed I've been then. I must try harder to be a better person because apparently I'm not quite to that 'best boyfriend ever' category of good.

Monday, March 23, 2009

I'm not that random - but here's 6 things...

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1. I have an addiction - boys. I like to flirt with them, talk to them, be around them, spend time with them. Some call it boy crazy... and I'd probably have to agree. But this is something that probably won't change for quite sometime.

2. I don't usually like watching TV without having something to do - something to keep my hands busy so I am not just sitting there. Although there are times when I just want to sit and do nothing but watch TV.

3. I've tried Pro-Activ and used it religiously - and it totally doesn't work.

4. For as many guys as I've kissed (I won't give you the number, but it's more than my hands and feet can count), I've only had one real boyfriend. Some have had a hard time believing that, but it's true.

5. I apparently collect dresses/skirts. I have enough to wear one everyday for an entire month (perhaps more) but I only wear them on Sundays. Perhaps I'll wear more this summer...

6. I dream every nite. Sometimes they are realistic, sometimes they are not. But there's almost never a nite without some sort of dream.

I don't really want to tag anyone, but I will anyway:

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Somewhere in Dream Land

I know that there are normal, happy dreams somewhere in 'DreamLand' - but they seem to elude me each and every nite.
My dreams aren't necessarily UNhappy, they are just strange and confusing. Before my dreams from last nite escape me, let me explain.

It went through a range of things. I was with my brothers, I believe, and we were just outdoors adventuring when it just turned into me trying to stay alive and some giant gorillas came. At first they were just that - giant gorillas. But then they could talk and then they cared and then they really just kind of became really hairy people (mainly males). One of them even liked me. And it wasn't really me, but someone else. At first they were scary and dangerous, but when they got us, they didn't really hurt us. And it was no longer my brothers, but other people that I don't believe I even knew. And I also started to like the one that was taking care of me. It was strange...
And then it led to some water stuff - and I had a husband, and some hottie girl was jumping off this waterfall thing with him on a mission. But I went after him and he wasn't my husband anymore (might've been my friend's) and I was looking for my friend - still in water (river sort of thing where I wasn't swimming, but it wasn't shallow). And then there were a bunch of people and for some reason we had to jump down this little water shoot to get away. I was freaking out because I couldn't find this girl (not quite sure her name, but she was really close to me and I didn't want to lose her). And then the shoot became more of a slide and it wasn't very exciting. And after I went down that, the water changed at some point and I was in a school.
The school had a lot of familiar people - some I knew, some I didn't. People of all ages. And one friend was talking to me about her plan of skipping school and going to the beach, but she wasn't inviting me and I was bummed cuz I wanted to go to the beach.

The time with the Gorilla Men was my favorite though. It was an adventure and it was thrilling. I was running for my life, climbing, hiding, swimming and then it was just fun. With gorgeous jungle landscape and waterfalls and such. But why in the world did I dream all that??

I know my siblings know the movie "Somewhere in DreamLand" and I wonder why I can't have dreams about finding lots of delicious food and toys???

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


This wasn't the first time I visited Rexburg - but it's probably one of the last. My brother won't be going to school there any longer and there's only a couple of friends that will be there after this summer. But as for Idaho - I'm sure I'll continue to visit.

As for renting a car this time - it was SO much more convenient. However, I didn't even get a car. I got 'a free upgrade' to a mini-van. No offense to those who drive a mini-van, but that is most definitely NOT an upgrade for me. That's a major downgrade. Hello - I'm single, traveling alone, and have only one suitcase. Does it LOOK like I need a mini-van?? Stupid people. I have yet to call and complain - but I will be doing so. I was seriously upset.

Overall the trip was pretty fun. I got to hang out with my youngest brother, reunite with some old friends, randomly see people I never expected to see, and got the bug to go back to school again. I thoroughly enjoyed going to class - or at least one of the two I went to. And I would really like to get back to it. I've never been in school with people my age - except for one Math class once. Otherwise it's mainly been older people and always in the evenings. I've never taken full-time day classes. I think it would be most enjoyable if I did. But seeing as I have a full-time job that I'd like to keep, looks like evening classes are it for now.

I probably won't be going to Idaho/Utah again until this fall - which is when my friends and I would like to take another road trip. SWEET! But I'm pretty sure we'll be staying in the Salt Lake area at that time. Anyone who wants to see me then, let me know!
I believe it's supposed to be our 5 year reunion this year, but I'm not sure if I'll be going or not. I have a wedding in June in Arizona to attend and other trips I want to take, so I may skip the reunion. Or maybe not. We'll see when the time comes.

One thing I did realize while I was in Rexburg - I could probably never go to BYU-Idaho. I love the school, I just don't know that I could deal with the large populace of younger people. I understand they aren't much younger than myself, but young enough that I would probably lose my mind. Ha-ha!

Thanks for letting me crash your social life and classes, Ben!
Thanks for letting me crash on your couch, Ashley and James!!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Picked the wrong weekend

I have been dying for snow - didn't get it.
So I wanted nice weather - it's here.
And where am I going on the week of the nicest weather of the year - to the coldest place EVER - good ol' Rexburg.

Oh well - warm weather is becoming more often I believe. Which means I need to get my AC fixed. Yeah - it's broken. We went on a drive Saturday and I realized as we started along that the AC wasn't working... uh-oh.

Springtime, summertime, warm weather!!!! I'm excited.
Get ready for the beach!

I lost

I suppose it's not really much of a surprise.... but I lost.

For those who know what I'm talking about - don't rub it in, I know I lost.

For those that don't - just know that I have my weaknesses, and I lost this time.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

I miss you....

I was talking to a friend earlier this week - a friend that was a short part of my life a few years ago. It was great catching up with him although it reminded me of simpler times. Of fun times, but past times.
Those days will never be regained or relived. I have changed, they have changed and all the changes in everyone's life will never really bring us together again. Nothing like it once was.
But I still find myself yearning for what had once been.

I miss the simple times.
I miss having silly times.
I miss not caring about relationships.
I miss not being completely carefree.
I miss the days of not thinking about my future.
I miss the days of not worrying about what's next.
I miss the days of just looking forward to the next party or the next weekend of fun and nothing more.
I miss going on dates.
I miss the days where my biggest worry was my research paper or project.
I miss the days of flirting and teasing all the time.
I miss the days of getting butterflies in my stomach when I thought about 'that guy.'
I miss the extreme butterflies when I actually saw 'that guy.'
I miss racing down the road with friends in both cars cheering their driver on.
I miss going on group dates.
I miss getting dressed up fancy.
I miss being outdoors as much as possible.
I miss making eye contact with that cute guy and flirting across the room - even if I never talk to him.
I miss going camping.
I miss life.

What am I doing?? I don't have to miss life - I need to LIVE life.
I need to stop worrying and stressing over what's next. It's not really in my control. I will know soon enough.
And I don't need to have people to live my own life. It's great to have people in my life, but they shouldn't be keeping me from living it and doing all the things I want to do.

So - Hello Life!! Let's start living.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

DC Trip #1

I believe I will be making multiple trips to DC this year. This happens to be the first one. It was a girls weekend - and it was fun!!
How many digits did we get? Maybe none, but we did talk to a lot of security guys. Ha!

And maybe I slid down the railings of the "National Art Gallery" - and hung from a tree or two. . .