Monday, August 31, 2009


I forget things very easily.
Example: I walked into a store the other day with my friend and realized or thought of something I needed to tell my brother. Which is strange because he and I don't really talk much - so to randomly think of something I wanted to tell him was important. I didn't have his number so I went to text mom for it. But she was still in church so I figured I'd wait until after.... but not even 10 minutes later I forgot what I was going to tell my brother. I thought and thought and just couldn't remember.....

I say this because I have thought of many a post to write on this strange blog. Creative ideas, thoughtful things, and even just plain random stuff. And then of course I forget. But there are times when I'll write a little note/text and save it in my phone so I'll remember what it is. Although by the time I get around to typing the full post - the original thought isn't there and I have to use a second string one.
I have actually even called and left myself a voicemail before. I don't remember if it was for a post, a message for someone, or something I needed to talk to someone about - but I definitely called myself and left a message so I could remember.

I'd better work on that memory problem of mine before I get too busy, too old, or just too forgetful that it presents a serious problem.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Recent projects

I also have a lot in the making - but here are ones done.
This first one is of my brother - he picked wildflowers for his girlfriend in Wyoming, but couldn't bring them home. Or so he told her - so I put them in a frame with the picture he took of the fresh flowers and it was a present to her.

This second picture is of our 'family wall.' It's been a long going project -or at least one we've talked about redoing for awhile. And now it's finally done!! Yay!

Monday, August 24, 2009

*Shakes Head*

And to think that I was part of this disaster... ! It actually stayed on - with only a few times of it moving and pretending it was going to fly off.
The next stop (after dropping the mattress off) was Lowe's where we proceeded to fill the car with 2x4's, 1x4's, 2x10's, 2x6's - and amazingly it all fit with the trunk closed.
Who knew how similar a car could be to a truck??

Sunday, August 16, 2009


(For those unfamiliar with missionaries: Young Men -and sometimes young women - in our church serve a proselyting, 2 years, full-time, away from home and family and technology, submerging themselves completely in the Gospel. They are to follow certain rules/standards. No movies, no dating, no social life, no computers, etc.)
While I was out of town my mother sent me a text message saying there was an attractive missionary, my age, from New Zealand, that was serving in our area. I just laughed and shook my head of course. He's a missionary, Mom, so what good does that do me?
Well - today was the first time I went to church there in a few weeks (I've been out of town). And it just so happened that the first person I saw was this Elder that my mom had mentioned. And she was right - he IS good-looking. However, he's STILL a missionary.
I have this kind of unspoken rule that I try to keep my distance from them. Not because I'm trying to be rude, but because I am a single female, close to their age, and have a tendency to flirt with single males that are close to my age. So it's easier to just stay away from them. This rule hasn't changed.
Apparently he's just a really friendly guy - or he doesn't have quite the same rule that I do. He purposely sat right by us in the first meeting (he sings good). And then he talked to us in between, asking my sister and I about her boys and such. I talked very little. Then between the 2nd and 3rd hour, he talked to me and another lady - where I still said very little, if anything at all. After church I had to find out what time we could drop off dinner tomorrow, so I had to talk to him. He wanted to come over and 'hang out' with us sometime. I just laughed and said that probably wouldn't happen anytime soon.
As I walked out of the building, he did as well. He asked what my name was and then asked me why I wasn't married.
Why am I not married??
Of course after my look and answer of, "Um....?," he said he was just kidding. I have had people ask that before (not that I need to be married, sheesh people!!) but never by a missionary. It was pretty weird... but quite funny.
My brother-in-law said he was just trying to flirt - which is not good. I personally think the only reason he was talking to me is because it was the first time he'd seen me, and I'm honestly the only single young adult that attends. But for the purpose of lifting my self-esteem - we'll say it's because he thought I was a hottie and wanted to meet me, so he tried to find some way to have conversation. (hahaha)
So - now I have to be sure to really stay away. I feel like being too friendly to a missionary distracts him from his work. Even though he's good looking (a rugby player, tall, dark-hair, dark-skin, nice, accent, good with kids), he's on a mission and therefor off-limits.
Not that I'm looking for a guy anyway - but I think I need to put some blinders on and pretend I don't see him (or at least not his cute smile).
Maybe blinders to all guys would be a good idea right now....??

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

School starting

You know - when school starts you get to go shopping.
New shoes, new pants, couple new shirts, new bookbag, maybe a new lunch box. Of course you have to get new socks and underwear.
And sometimes you even get to have a new haircut.
But in some cases - you HAVE to have a new haircut.
Daimon came in the other day and said - OOPS!! - while he held his hand to the top of his head....
It's one thing to have a little haircut, but he had to lose it all... Poor guy. Thought for sure everyone would make fun of him - but turns out he was only upset a couple hours. That's what happens when you play with scissors I guess.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

The busier I am, the better I sleep

I love playing, and playing hard. I love getting into bed at nite and just collapsing because it's been a busy day - whether just with fun play, or productive work. I love staying up late and getting up early to just play continually.
And I would have to say that I definitely got that opportunity for a few days. Oh man - it was great. I stayed up just randomly talking and spending time with Ariel until about 1 or 2 am and then we got up early for the beach!!
Of course when at the beach - and staying over - you have to play at nite too! The beach all day can wear you out enough, but when you stay ALL day and then stay up ALL nite playing.... oh boy!! And although Ariel kept me up till 3 AM talking (giddy little school girl...haha), I did sleep so good!
The next nite wasn't quite as late - we played at the pool for the day, danced a bit, and then were in bed by about 2 AM, I think... But up again early for the lake!!
Again - staying out in the sun all day can wear you out. Especially when holding on for dear life on a tube being pulled behind the boat at who knows what speeds. But oh man - was it amazingly fun. Days like that make it hard for me to decide whether I want to live lakeside, or beachside. They are both so much fun.
Of course we didn't want the day to end, so we gathered some people from the boat and hung out that nite. We just ended up going to a movie, which was fun. But stayed up late again and then I got up and had to drive the next day.
Man were the days SO MUCH FUN. And the few hours I slept were so nice - filled with dreams as always - but I definitely slept a lot better for all the playing that was done during the day!!
I definitely want to do those things more often. Staying up late playing and having fun, but having to get up the next day for a purpose - otherwise I sleep in and waste the next day. Ha!

So - thanks for the amazing days everyone!!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Not much to say

I will have random thoughts/ideas for a new post - but then it doesn't seem like it's good enough for an actual post because it's not but a short statement or sentence. Not even a paragraph worth.
I have nothing going on in life to really write about - although the boys say and do the funniest things sometimes.
It makes me feel like a slacker in this great blogging world - especially when I have friends that post such great, entertaining things once a day.
I also feel bad because I then slack in the writing to missionaries. I have a brother on a mission and he gets more letters from a girl he spent a few months hanging out with than he does me. That's not suppose to happen. But I honestly have nothing to tell him. It's the same with my best friend. She's been out for awhile - so I could've written her with stupid drama stories or whatever going on in life for the past year, but I haven't. And now I really don't have anything to write about. Sorry missionaries. Keep working hard and know I'm at least thinking about you!!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Because I have no commitments....

I tend to sleep in until the little guys come and wake me up (sometimes not until after 10 AM).
I get lost in a book and read it cover to cover in one day.
I browse online (facebook, travel sites, myspace, blogs, more travel sites) all day, leaving the computer screen only to take a bathroom break.
I get absolutely nothing accomplished.
I imagine what places I could live and then look on craigslist for apartments in that city.
I look for movies coming out.
I avoid reality.
I write to-do lists that may or may not get done.
I wish I could get myself motivated to get all dressed up cute and leave the house (but for what purpose?).
I plan trips and vacations that I can only drool over.
I've probably gained weight because the only regular exercise I get is going down to get the mail.

There is a good reason to have a job - and not just for the paycheck.