Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I might always hate other people

There are times that I just hate other people. Hate may be a bit strong - dislike, want to beat, have no desire to ever be around again, etc etc.

I hate when they treat me like I don't know anything.
I hate when what they say directly contradicts their actions - hello! Actions show what's really going on, not the words.
I hate when they say you can call with questions, but then they refuse to answer any.
I hate when they drive stupidly - get off the road!
I hate when they act so much better than me - they don't know me.
I hate when they think they know me, and they have absolutely no idea.
I hate that some people can lose weight so much better than me.
I hate those people that seem to be able to do everything, and they're good at it all too.
I hate .... well. I just really dislike other people sometimes.

I really gotta learn to just let it go. It doesn't matter. They are who they are, and it really doesn't matter. It doesn't have to affect me. I can't control how stupid they are or how ignorant they are. I will just look at them and think, "I'm sorry you are the way you are. I hope that one day things will get better for you."
People may say these same things in reference to me, but such is life.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

You're Not Alone

I was reading a friend's blog and realized that I am not the only one that tends to have wandering thoughts when there's not much to occupy my time.
My thoughts wander quite a bit. If I were to take you on a little trip through my thought processes, you'd probably get lost in everything . . . .
Another friend said the same thing about getting lost if you tried to follow the thoughts. Glad to know I'm not alone.
One thought, while browsing aimlessly through blogs this evening (during class), was how strange one person might see someone and events that happened as opposed to another person. I was dating a guy who is now married. I stumbled across his wife's blog and read her little thing about them dating or getting to know each other. It was funny because parts of the timeline was while he was 'in love' with me and we were dating. I definitely saw him and that timeline much differently than his now-wife saw those days.
Another thought - I'm sick of my hands being so cold. I don't want them sweating, but I would like them to be at least thawed enough that I don't want to be wearing gloves all the time.
But perhaps another post will be taking you on a journey through my meandering thoughts, as I do not want to bore you any longer . . .

Friday, March 26, 2010

some girls

There are some girls that are just so damn adorable - ALL the time - that it's just not fair!!
Whether they are all dressed up, being a bum, or just waking up - they always looks so cute.... Blah!
I am friends with quite a few of those girls - but can never seem to be that girl. Oh well, I'm me. And I have my adorable, cute, sometimes even sexy moments. That is, when I actually have the desire to actually do things to try and look good. hehe.
Be lazy, or always look good?
I think you know my answer to that one. . . .

Thursday, March 25, 2010

I have Permission

I was discussing with my nephew recently how I wanted to go to the beach. I asked if he wanted to go. And it proceeded into a conversation of whether he would want to move and leave his friends. He decided he could visit and so could they.
He also decided he would like to live by the beach.
But that I definitely could too. I asked him, since he can't move without his mom, would I be able to move to the beach? I asked him if I should move? He said, "Yes, you can move to the beach!"
hahahaha.... I love how my nephew gives me permission and then acts like it's the simplest decision and plan in the world.
Aw - if only it were as easy as he thinks.
Another day he said if I moved, he would have to visit me EVERY weekend.... well, at least once a month. He's adorable and quite funny. But I'm glad he gave me permission.
Recently I went to visit the beach (thus asking the little guy if I could move there) and it was wonderful. While at church, we had to be introduced to everyone. So my friend, Ariel, introduced herself and said she was trying to move there. Then I introduced myself and told them she was trying to convince me to move there. Turns out that they all agreed with her. So they all proceeded to give me reasons that I should move..... aw.... if only it was that easy.
There's a lot of factors other than just wanting to.... but I'm sure it could be a good possibility. Right??

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

State Quarters

Have you ever taken a second to read what's on the back of that $0.25 you are spending?
On the back of some quarters it tells something about the state.
Some are obvious like:
Arizona - Grand Canyon State
Washington - Evergreen State
Montana - Big Sky Country
Utah - Crossroads of the West
Minnesota - Land of 10,000 Lakes
Michigan - Great Lakes State
Texas - The Lone Star State
Louisiana - Louisiana Purchase
But there are some I didn't know:

New Mexico - The Land of Enchantment
Florida - Gateway to Discovery
Alaska - The Great Land
Nevada - The Silver State
Wyoming - The Equality State
Oregon - Crater Lake
Iowa - Foundation in Education
Missouri - Corps of Discovery
Tennessee - Musical heritage
Ohio - Birthplace of Aviation Pioneers
New York - Gateway to Freedom
New Hampshire - Live Free or Die Old Man of the Mountain

Some that I'm not sure what they mean:
Idaho - Esto Perpetua

Some that aren't very creative at all:
California - John Muir Yosemite Valley
West Virginia - New River Gorge
Nebraska - Chimney Rock
Colorado - Colorful Colorado
Illinois - Land of Lincoln
Some don't have any words describing the state.
And they all say: E Pluribus Unum
*I didn't list all of them, but some of the more interesting ones.

Brain fart

I have had lots of fun ideas to post about. Things to say. Etc.
But for some reason today, I'm just not getting any inspiration.
And having some serious brain farts. I can't really focus on anything. I have no desire to do homework/any work.
I have a lot to think about, do, decide, etc - but can't seem to keep my thoughts straight or focused.
Definitely a Brain fart aka Stupor.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Innocence of Youth

While sitting here listening to a little girl (mom is babysitting this morning) I realize just how cute and innocent kids are.
She's excited because she'll be starting T-ball (actually Weeball since she's so little) and is going to have a pink helmet, cleets, and maybe even a pink bat. Aw.... the joys and simplicity.
I loved the days when your best friend is the person you sat with on the bus, when getting frozen juice push-pop at lunch was wonderful, when homework was a page of spelling or simple math, and when being silly all the time was acceptable.
Aw - the stress-less, joyful, easy days of being a kid. Why, when we grow up, do we insist on making life difficult?? It doesn't always have to be.
Let's be kids again!!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Changing Seasons, Changing Lives

It seems that with the change of the season, there are changes in lives. Whether it's small and simple, or big and extreme.
I was recently talking to a friend who has decided to do a complete career change, which includes going back to school and everything. DANG! That's a serious change. Plus she's moving to a different place and other things as well. But it's so worth it and such a good choice for her.
My season changes lately have been how many layers of clothes to wear. Although I am getting my haircut this next week, so that's a small change. I need to make more and I need to make some serious ones. But I really just don't have the motivation to do so. Or more correctly - the sane mind to make the decisions.
I have realized however, that another great friend is attempting to make changes and decisions in his life as well. And he's having a tough time with it. Apparently it's normal to stress and not be able to make decisions that are going to affect you for the rest of your life. Glad to know I'm not alone with it, although I don't wish such things upon someone else either.
But with the sun shining more (*knock on wood cuz this week's weather might not be as good) and registration deadlines looming ahead, it looks like these changes and decisions need to happen soon. Even if I don't make a drastic change, I will need to make some serious decisions and really make living life more exciting.
I told my mom the other day (you can tell I'm slightly bored, thus the rambling....) that I need to start doing things that I've always wanted to do, I need to start making things happen, and I need to start doing things and going places even if I have no one to go with me. If I waited for someone else to join me in some of my adventures, then they'll never happen. So I've gotta start doing them myself. Not as exciting, but it makes things happen.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Raincoat Dilemma

I have been in need/want of a raincoat for a few years. It's not always cold rain, but who wants to be wet all day just from running to and from your car?
So I looked at a store that I usually find is right on the Bullseye *hint* with cute clothes. Or at least I think they have some cute clothes, accessories and such. But I don't always like to spend that kind of money. Thus I looked at the raincoats, but couldn't quite get myself to purchase one.
While in Utah visiting a good friend of mine, we went thrift-store shopping, just to see what we could find. And by this time I had kind of given up looking for a rain-coat. But what did we find? A very cute black and white polka-dot raincoat that has stripes on the other side (it's reversable, but i like the polka dots outside better). Luckily enough, it was only $5!!
I'm not big into buying 2nd hand clothes - call me a snob if you want - but I think it's a childhood aversion to such. I have, however, slowly gotten out of that and am willing to at least look. And I'm glad I did.
A brand-new raincoat for $20+ or a just-as-cute-almost-new raincoat for $5? I think we all can figure out the math on this one.
(I am my own photographer. It gets old, but when you need a picture, you're always there.)

Friday, March 5, 2010


I am a firm believer that the sun is an anti-depressant.
I'll be honest - I've been down in the dumps, depressed, angry and extremely unhappy lately. I hate to admit it cuz I've never been like that before. But I really was (and still am now and then).
But the sun is shining!! And the day is wonderful!!
There are probably a few factors that led to the happy day, but most definitely the sunshine. I walked out of class yesterday and it was warm and sunny. And my mood went from 'whatever' to 'happy' and it stayed all day.
It's amazing what some sunshine can do.
So I also am a firm believer in living somewhere tropical and warm all the time. Thus I am looking into becoming a cabana girl on the beach where the sun shines more often than not and it doesn't get below 65 degrees all year long.
Any suggestions on the destination?