Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Non-Commital Make-Out

I'm sure we've all heard of it. And I'm sure alot - if not most of the singles (and recently non-singles) I know - have experienced it.
Now - for those of you who don't know the definition - it means just what it says. Making out without any commitment. And in most cases this works out fantastic. It's great times without all the strings attached.
Then there are those times when these 'sessions' become more frequent. And for some reason, emotions/strings start to become involved. That's never a good thing. But the worst part is when one person has those emotions/strings and the other person doesn't.
I had this happen with some friends. We hung out and had good times. They started to do the NCMO thing - and it was still fine with no problem. Then the one started to get attached and think/hope it was more than it was.
And well.... the rest is history really.
Things weren't said that should've been. Emotions, egos, and friendships were hurt. People felt used, abused and unloved. Which is completely understandable - however things were stated. When a person does one thing, but acts another, it's hard not to be confused and hurt.
The thing that sucks is that the person never said that his/her feelings had changed. If that had been said, then I think things would've turned out differently. But it wasn't said, therefore making the situation end badly. And my friends both getting hurt in the end.
So - my advice to all: Be careful what you're doing. NCMO is fun and common among us young single people, but can be painful and not worth it. I speak from past experiences as well as seeing it from other people. And I love having friends who are close and can enjoy each other in groups as well as in private kissing, but I would rather have them be happy and enjoy each other without getting hurt in the end.
Or if you are going to be kissing - be sure to TALK to each other. That's the key - if things start to change, talk about it. And then I think ultimately things will work out okay. If the talking stops the NCMO, I'm sorry, but at least you won't get hurt. And that's more important, right??

Monday, April 27, 2009

Road Trip Fever

I have been wanting to go on a road trip. A real road trip. Not just a quick jaunt to the beach or back home, but a REAL trip.
Something that requires an atlas, time, money, adventure and going places I've never gone before.
This weekend (other than getting my wisdom teeth out) I meandered through 'Borders' looking at traveling books with a friend. He found one about 13 Ghost Stories in North Carolina. So we've now decided to travel to each of those places and read the stories while there. That should lead to some interesting road trips and weekend adventures.
But I still want to go on a real trip. Perhaps it's because my brother and some of my other friends have gone. And now I want to as well... Seeing this site on MSN about road trips to take didn't really help either.
So perhaps I'll start planning out a great trip, even if I don't take it for awhile. I want to make a traveling book - like the one in 'Elizabethtown' movie... so cute. But I also want to take a trip from one coast to the next. Ever since I went to the Wilmington Beach and saw the sign for California, I've wanted to take that trip. One coast to the next... seeing sights and doing new things. Perhaps stopping at the first of my favorite restaurant of some kind, seeing the biggest ball of string, seeing some other random, but fun sights.
If it's a round-trip vacation, then I definitely will be taking a different path back so I can be sure to see all the many different possibilities and sights there are.
And I of course don't want to do this trip alone, so I'm going to have to find some traveling companions. That's always the hardest part... But be sure to pack light, everyone. It's a long trip, not much room in the car!!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Happy Birthday - MOM!!

Today is my mom's birthday. I'm not there to celebrate with her, make her whatever she requests for dinner, clean up for her, or do anything special. I get to have my wisdom teeth out instead.

But I want to let everyone know that I LOVE my mom. She's a great friend, great example and such a great person. She's fun, she listens, she's so very talented and she's my mom!!

So - thanks mom, for being so great. You've been there for me a lot and I really do appreciate it. Hopefully I can be able to do something great and wonderful in return.

But until then - here's some embarrassing pictures for all to see: (I have more, but they aren't available right now. Lucky you!)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Administrative Professionals' Day

Happy Admin day to all of you great professionals!!
And although sometimes there are people not included in that category, I would like to include everyone and anyone that has to do planning, filing, scheduling, answering phones, making calls, etc etc.

That would include a LOT of people, but everyone needs a day to just feel appreciated. A day to know that they are loved and adored and needed - and a day in the year other than their birthday. This whole week used to be a busy one for me in a past life (when flowers were a daily interaction). But for some reason I don't see it being celebrated or appreciated all week long. Either way - YOU ARE ADORED, LOVED, APPRECIATED AND NEEDED, VERY MUCH!!!

I even treated myself to a Starbucks hot chocolate and bagel this morning. MMM - so good! But the funny thing about my job, is that no one I work with even knows what day today is, if they even know it's a trademark day. I guess that's the way it goes with what I do.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I really like old, abandoned buildings - weird.
Everytime I see one, I want to go inside and look around. It's even better when that building is full of stuff - all kinds of stuff; good stuff, bad stuff, new stuff, old stuff, rotted stuff, unrecognizable stuff, just STUFF.

I also get the urge to empty all of that stuff out and do something with it. Restore it, rebuild it, recycle it, or just get rid of it. But to have it all just sitting there, doing nothing, is such a waste. There's got to be a better place or purpose for it. Some of this stuff is worth money. Some of it is just garbage. But I want to go through it all and do something with it....

And I've been itching to go to the one near my parent's house. So I grabbed my trusty little sidekicks and off we went to scavenge. I not only wanted to really scour these places (as I had never really been in them before) but I also decided I was going to see if there was anything worth taking with me. There's always got to be at least one thing, right??

So we went looking around... and there was definitely a lot of garbage. There was clothes from decades ago. There was tools, books, toys, furniture, dishes, food, bedding - you name it, you could probably find it in there (there meaning the old barn, or the old cabin. Sadly I couldn't break into the house). There was even a neon palm tree sign - I think I might go back to get that one!

But we did come out with a few things besides just dust, cobwebs, hee-bee-jee-bies, and nightmares. Although the heebeejeebies was probably the most we got!

We went into the old cabin and explored around. We eventually made it back to the addition of the house where the bathroom was added on. In front of the bathtub (I spared the pictures as it was disturbing) was a gaping hole down to... the ground? And inside the bathtub were little skulls.

That's honestly what I thought they were at first. But they really just turned out to be some sort of old, dried up fruit. Peaches? It looked like someone had put them in there to wash them or soak them and then just forgot. They were hard, crusty and really quite gross looking.

Then we headed up the stairs - and if you've ever seen 'The Ring' - don't go up there. I definitely have the destination of my next horror movie figured out... Good thing I scavenge during daylight hours!

We found a few things on our scavenging adventure though - 4 wine glasses in perfect condition, a headboard mom wants to redo, and some sort of wire pot thing - although I would've liked to find more. Oh - there's also a couple of abandoned cars if anyone's looking for an empty car shell.
Now off to find the next building to explore and scavenge in!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I see your PANTIES

*giggle giggle giggle*
I went to my parent's house this weekend and their dryer happened to be broken. And of course I had dirty laundry to do - who doesn't when they go home? Mom set up a makeshift drying line (outside was on again- off again rain) and laid all my clothes out to dry.
The nephews came over and saw the 'panties' out on the line. They had a GREAT time with that. . . hahahahahaha.
"I see your panties!!" they kept saying - pointing and laughing. They thought that I would most definitely be embarrassed. That was Friday....

Saturday morning I'm sleeping when Daimon comes in - laughing - and says he got my panties (I had moved them on top of a shelf so they would leave them alone, but he got them down). I smile and fall back to sleep.
I was just getting out of the shower and heard a knock - "Stephanie. I have your panties for you!!" "Thanks, but I already have some in here."
The next thing I hear is little feet and lots of laughter running up and down the hall past the bathroom, toward my bedroom, and back again.... Wonder what they're doing....??
I got out of the bathroom and found them digging through my duffle bag to get ALL of my panties and hang them up on the clothesline. Omigosh! They also found 'two boob-things' that they decided to hang up.
Good thing I didn't have any scandalous underwear in my bag as it was soon displayed for all to see the rest of the morning . . .

But guess what - I can see YOUR UNDERS!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I have learned...

that hands get more papercuts when they're dry.
trying new foods is fun and maybe you learn you really like something you've never tried before.
traveling costs a lot of money.
cars are money suckers.
water is good for you, even if the non-taste gets boring.
you can't truly know someone until you sit down and really talk with them.
all seasons are 'twitterpated' seasons, not just Spring.
being single can be fun, but being with someone can at times be even more fun.
the sun really does make one feel better.
I can handle being alone and make the most of the quiet time.
sleep is not for the weak, but for the strong who want to live a full, healthy life (oversleeping is for the weak).
kids can usually make you feel better, without even knowing something's wrong.
regardless of how hard you try, you can't fight nature and the natural way of life.
no one will truly understand someone else - not completely.
I can be friends with people of all ages - as long as I'm willing to adapt to their personalities.
I enjoy having regular social interaction and not always be by myself.
I do want kids after all, but I would never want to raise them alone.
that people can be completely stupid and some just don't even try to better themselves.
that height and age don't really matter - as much as I'd prefer someone older and taller than myself.
some jobs are meant for people who don't want or need brain stimulation.
reading is a good way to get lost.
time goes by faster when you're busy and/or having fun.
weekends never seem to come fast enough and never seem to be long enough.

I will always be learning more. . . .

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Overdue for a Prank

It's been awhile since I've done a good prank on someone...
The last one I experienced was done to me and it was REALLY good. They seriously trashed our house stairs, cars, and oh Man!! It was funny and really a good job. But now I want to do another one. We don't do major ones (we want to start the war out small). But we haven't done it in awhile, so... I think it's about time to do one again. Don't you??
Although - if we don't get some retaliation, then we might just stop this attempt of war... It's so much more fun if we ALL participate.
So - beware. You could be my next victim. And if so, play back!

Who has a social life?

I don't!

I already have my weekend planned out. But of course, it never goes as planned. I'm sure only some of the things I have thought about will actually happen, but I've got to give myself something to look forward to.

I need more social interaction. Some of you probably think I'm crazy and get so much interaction all weekend that I must be crazy wanting it during the week as well.
It's only Wednesday and I have half of my quilt sewed - started Monday. I talk to no one and see no one all week long (except those I work with and let's be honest - we don't really talk).
I was okay with this for the first few weeks - but now I'm just losing my mind!!

Part of it is the weather. It's spring, it's warm and it's time to be outdoors. But part of it is also the fact that I see no one, talk to no one, and need to be out and about. I'm 23 years old - I shouldn't be a recluse yet. I know I've threatened about being a hermit - but I really don't want to be. So please let it stop!!

Perhaps the only way to remedy the situation is to go back to Raleigh once/twice a week and get my social fix... Is it worth the time and money to do it? Probably - otherwise I'll completely lose my mind.

I'm a social butterfly that's being locked in a cage. LET ME OUT!!