Friday, December 19, 2008

Stocking Stuffing

I have a 'family' here in North Carolina. And I'm the 'mother' of the 'family.' It's pretty entertaining and we all have good times.
Last nite the 'dad' (my boyfriend) and I got to go shopping for the stockings and then stuffed them. It was pretty fun, but pretty hard to figure out what to get. Overall it's cheesy stuff, but it should be pretty entertaining. Right?

What I did realize while I was doing that though, was that I wish I had no money limit and I could buy all kinds of presents for everyone all the time. I LOVE buying and wrapping presents. It's so much fun. But sadly, I can only spend so much money on presents - bills tend to over-rule extra spending.

Either way, we got some fun goodies for everyone. And honestly - it will be quite entertaining watching everyone open their stockings and stuff. It will be a fun time and I'm sure I will get pictures.

We are going to have a surprise for all the 'kids' that only one other person knows about. I really think it will put a smile on everyone's faces. And I will DEFINITELY be getting pictures of THAT. hehehe....

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Still no Christmas spirit

I've gone caroling, shopping, baked cookies, had a ward party, had a work party, got a tree, decorated the tree, wrapped presents, listened to music - yet I still don't quite feel like it's Christmas.

Maybe part of the reason is the weather. All my life it's always been snowy around Christmas. Not always a lot of snow, but there's definitely always some. But there's not in North Carolina, or Tennessee. So - riding around with the top down on the convertible doesn't exactly scream "It's CHRISTMAS Time."

I think the main reason is that I haven't spent time with my family. And I miss them - quite a bit. I am not exactly sure when the last time I went to visit was, but it was definitely too long ago. I wish I had time and money to go see them once a month, but that's not usually possible. So - I'll just stick with spending all week with them - starting Saturday. YAY!!
I'm counting down the hours....

Monday, December 8, 2008

'Tis the Season

I love the Christmas season. How many times am I going to tell everyone that? Probably a lot more.

We have a tree - decorated with white lights, red and silver ornaments, and a white angel. I think it looks very nice, actually.

We have stockings we'll be putting up today. And we have a few little Christmas things here and there. I think it's wonderful!!

I bought the "Muppet Christmas Carol" today. I decided we need to watch some fun Christmas movies, and the only other one I have in the house is "It's a Wonderful Life." But we will be watching them both at some point.

Now all I want to do is some Christmas shopping and gift wrapping. I LOVE wrapping presents. Anyone that doesn't want to wrap theirs - call me. I'll do it! I love it!

Friday, December 5, 2008

"Give shelter to those who stand in need of shelter"

There are certain morals and values that we are taught to live by, but don't necessarily have the chance to implement in our lives.

Really - I think I just need to direct you to my best friend's blog as she pretty much explains the situation: 'Because I Have Been Given Much'

It can become a sticky situation - an almost impossible situation. Saying no is really not something I am very good at. But there are times when that may just be the answer... But there are cases when everyone else says you should say no, but really saying yes is okay. And it turns out to actually be a great blessing to say yes.

Sometimes there are things you forget are a blessing in your life, until you are shown through someone else how lucky and blessed you really are. And then you begin to appreciate things, even the little things, all that much more.

Although I didn't really have a traditional Thanksgiving - we didn't even go around the room to tell what we were thankful for - I did, have, and do give thanks for so many of the little things. It's the little things I forget about, but am glad that I have and continue to have.

And hopefully because of the good life I've had, I can share what I've been given with those who 'stand in need of comfort.' And hopefully I can do that much more than I have been...

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Solution to Dream Problems

Only get a little bit of sleep every nite. And then when you actually get to lay in bed, you're so tired that all your mind can do is shut down and disappear.

Oh - and it took me only this long to figure it out.

Although it makes for being tired all day too - but at least the dreams don't taunt me.

Perhaps one day I can not be tired all day, but also be able to sleep good at nite. Until then - Hello Mountain Dew!!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

We are Open

And apparently I am too...

I never realized how open I have become on my blog. There are some that aren't so open and then there are others that really show me and who I am. OOPS!! That most definitely was not supposed to happen.

The only reason I realized it is because it was pointed out to me. And then last nite I re-read them all from the beginning.... WOW!
I shouldn't have written those... but I did. Oh well, it's too late now.

So I guess what I'm trying to say is that those of you in my blogging world - Welcome. You have gotten to know me. And will continue to get to know me on a different level than others.

Although I may be more selective about what I write for a little while. So many things swirling around in my thoughts and it's tempting to just write it all out here, but they are much too personal. Sorry!!

For now, be grateful for being able to get into my head as much as you have.