Friday, April 25, 2008

Rising Gas Prices an Excuse??

Apparently the attendance in college classes is dropping because of rising gas prices. Is that really an excuse?

Can I call into work and say, "Hey, gas is $3.89. I can't make it into work today."
Nope - sorry, not an excuse.

Use the bus, walk, ride a bike.

That's also been an excuse for my friends to not spend time with me. Which is completely ridiculous. But I'll say - hey meet me here or there and we'll hang out. They say, no - not tonite. I don't have any gas. . . . WHATEVER!

And along the lines of the cost for gas.... I know money doesn't buy love, but I hope my family realizes how much I love them because gas is definitely going to cost me a LOT this weekend!! But it will be worth it!!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Tone of Voice

You can tell how someone feels about a person by the way they talk about them, to them, etc. Most of the guys I work with are married. And I happen to overhear some of them talking to the wife.

One guy - he just talks to her. You can tell he's not talking to someone about work, but it just sounds like a close friend.

Another guy you can hear the love in his voice. He answers the phone, "Hi, baby." Sometimes I consider the term 'baby' as not all romantic but more just there... But the way he says it, you can tell he loves her.

It's interesting to tell the difference in the way people talk to each other. You can hear an edge of annoyance, or the effort in making their voice be polite. The fake honey so you'll stay on their good side. Or the blunt honesty.

I think it's fantastic being able to tell the different voices. I hope I can hear them when I'm talking to someone though, then I can tell how they truly feel and what's really going on.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I'm in Love....

Rain. I'm in love with it.
It's been raining the past few days. It's been wonderful.
I love having the clouds with a little bit of sunshine trying to shine through.
I love the raindrops. I love walking in puddles.
I love hearing it on the roof.
I love watching it while sitting on the porch. I love just watching it downpour.
Rain is amazing, necessary, and wonderful!

Yesterday I was doing laundry - and as I was walking across the parking lot the water was pouring down (it's a sloped lot) and there was so much water that walking through the puddle covered my foot! Good thing I was wearing flip-flops.

I like having that slight chill in the air, but yet it's not exactly a cold rain. I like having rain fall on me. I just really love rain.

My favorite is when I can hear thunder and see lightning. When the lightning flashes and then the thunder shakes the building - oh it's AMAZING. I LOVE THAT!!

So - I just thought I'd share that thought with you this day as I am looking out the window at yet another cloudy - possibly very rainy - day.

Yet another reason for a Happy Day


Hope you've put your present to use and that you get taken care of today!!


Now if only we all had as many hands as Genie here has the priviledge of having.
I was sending an e-mail to a couple girls in the corporate office this morning, so I wished them a happy day as well. I had to copy my boss when I sent the e-mail, so he saw what I had written. Then I heard him talking to some of my co-workers and he said he wasn't going to get me anything because he doesn't consider me an administrative professional. I asked him what he thought of me as - and he said a Construction Administrator. Which sounds pretty similar to me. Of course then he said I'm so much more than a secretary. Secretaries answer phones, get coffee - that sort of thing.
I laughed.
He asked why - "I do those things too!!" Which made everyone laugh. "But you do it so much BETTER than a secretary."
Whatever, boys, you keep thinking that. Either way, I AM more than a secretary, but it was still entertaining.

And what did I do to wish myself a 'Happy Administrative Professional's Day'??
I brought DONUTS to work for everyone. Yeah - it was yummy. (Really I just wanted something for breakfast and it was on the way...hehe)
So - to all those of you who are Administrative Professionals - HAPPY DAY TO YOU!!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Heels VS Flats

I have decided yet again that I like wearing heels. Today my shoes are actually very comfortable, yet they are heels.
I actually have a few pairs of heels/platforms/tall shoes that are comfortable to wear and not bad to walk long distances in. I also have some that I can barely walk in at all and you'll not see me wearing those very often. I don't know what it is about some heel to your shoe, but I love it. I feel much more lady-like. Even if I'm just wearing jeans and a t-shirt. That's what I like to wear heels with actually - jeans. I mostly only wear jeans anyway, so it works. The problem, well not so much a problem as a bore, is that I work for a construction company. Now - I'm the only girl onsite and I don't do any fancy meetings or go to any special conferences, so I have no reason to dress up. Which is great for most days since I'm lazy in the morning anyway. But sometimes I wish I had to dress business because it would make me feel important. There are days, such as today, that I wear heels anyway. It seems pretty pointless working on-site when they aren't practical walking all over the site. But then again, I don't walk the site all day long. I actually am in the office the majority of the time.
But either way I still enjoy wearing heels because when I walk around in them, I strut. Not purposely, but that's just what heels do. They make you walk like a lady and swing your hips. And I like that....
There are also some heels/stilettos that I will NOT wear because it's not only pointless, but painful.
I'm not sure why anyone would wear shoes like this unless it's for their profession - like actresses and such....Especially with that platform part on the front of the foot. I think it would be more like wearing stilts than wearing heels. I might get them for some sort of costume party or such, but these would definitely not be the kind of shoe I see and go, "I want to wear THOSE shoes today."
Although I suppose there must be enough women that buy/wear them or they would no longer produce such painful shoes.
Lately I've been wearing flat shoes. There's nothing wrong with flats. I know some females that don't ever wear heels. Flats are comfortable, cute and can be worn with anything. They can be plain, or decorative. They can be colored or solid. They can be used for dancing, playing, or just about anything. You don't have to worry about what the evenings activities contain when you are wearing flats because you can do just about anything in them.
Shoes like these (okay, maybe not as cute as these, but flat like these) are what I've been wearing lately. I have this thing about not being taller than those I'm with. And some of the time it's not a problem to wear heels because I won't be that much taller than everyone. But so far this year I've been mainly wearing flats because most of my friends are my height. I don't like towering over my friends. Especially the male ones. So I rarely wear heels. I think that will change, however. Especially since most of my heels are fun for summer and it's starting to get warm out!!! Yet - that's also the time that I wear flip-flops alot. I guess I'll reserve those shoes for spending time with the shorter friends. hehe!!

Shoot or not to Shoot?

Police Officers have guns. They need to protect themselves.

But does that mean it's justified to shoot and kill someone with a bat?

Right or wrong??

He could've just shot the kid's arm or leg. The kid would be in pain and drop the bat. Kill him? Was it really necessary??
I'm not sure that officer was really doing the smart thing. Defend yourself, yes. Kill your opponent...? I'm not convinced.

What do YOU think?

Monday, April 14, 2008


I never thought of myself as a fashionable person - ever! But I love to see people who are dressed nicely. Now - I don't always know what is fashionable, but I do know styles I like and I wear what I can of them. There are some things that I cannot afford and some things that my body type cannot pull off, but I try to work with what I've got.
Recently my friend has started a fashion blog/site. I think it's going to be great. She wants to take pictures of people she sees that have amazing clothing style. And not models, just random people and friends.
On Sunday she told me she wanted a picture of me so that I could be on her fashion blog/site. I was so flattered. I had gotten ready quickly that morning and didn't feel very cute. Honestly - the dress doesn't quite fit the way it used to. A bit more snug than it was before. But it apparently still looked good.
So - even if I'm not a huge fashion person, at least some people think I have some sort of style and for that I appreciate them.
Thank you, friend, for making me feel special and cute yesterday!!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Who has money??

I could be wrong - but aren't there government programs and funding for those who are deaf?
Are there not jobs and companies that can and do hire deaf people?
Is there not something for them to do besides beg for money?

And I'm not sure those people really were deaf anyway.

I was in Wal-Mart today and two people came up to me asking me for money who were apparently deaf. They held up a little card that said something about donating money to them.... TWO people, while I was in the same aisle, with the same card. Seriously now...

I have nothing against people doing fundraisers or working for money, but those who just go around begging for money... that's something I'm not so cool with. Almost everyday I drive by someone on the street corner asking for money. I have a feeling it's going to get worse as the weather gets warmer. It's not even that big of a city, at least it doesn't seem to be to me. I know there are odd jobs, temp jobs, and other things these people can do. Why don't they try? Why don't they at least attempt to do something besides stand on the corner and beg? It seems odd...

What's worse is when they are standing there smoking a cigarette. Um... Hello? If I give you money - what are you going to spend it on?? That's odd...
I think I should just start carrying extra food with me and when I pass someone, give them food. Or pass them, go to the next grocery store, get food and take it back to them. I think that would be better. Because it goes with that whole wonder of what they are REALLY spending their money on, ya know?

Oh - and when did Wal-Mart start imitating Sam's Club?? You can't even see what's in the bags, why do you need to check the receipt? That's annoying... I think Wal-Mart is going down on my list, even if they are convenient....

Friday, April 4, 2008

Strange...strange world

A friend and I went to lunch together today. There was interesting news on the TV (where isn't there a TV showing something) about a hawk attacking a girl.
We were discussing the fact that we don't listen, watch, or read the news. And I wonder why....
A 14-yr old flushes her baby ......

A man who had sexual fantasies that involved torturing, raping, killing and eating his victim ......

A serial killer on the loose - or so it seems ......

If I didn't know or see good things in this world, I would assume it was nothing but a terrible waste land of people killing people constantly.
I don't understand where they come up with these 'fantasies' and all these crazy ideas all the time.... what in the WORLD!?!?!?
And the 14-yr old... excuse me?!? 14??? I didn't even know or think about kissing when I was 14, let alone fornicating and getting pregnant. I mean, 8th grade is awfully young!! These girls are forever going to have health issues and probably some serious emotional issues after having tried to flush her own child. I understand she's 14 and doesn't know enough, but honestly!! And if no one knew she was pregnant, how much worse would that have been to carry that baby with no help at all, only to then kill it. It's a terrible, terrible thing. Can't we prevent these things? Probably not. Can't we at least help these girls in these situations?? Show them there's other ways, explain to them a better way to live, do SOMETHING so that they don't get into these situations.
As for the killer on the loose... Another topic we were discussing. These killers that are caught - why do we keep them in prison, giving them education, time to work out, etc only to let them loose after 'good behavior?' We should just kill them was a suggestion. But then, what if the person convicted is truly innocent. Law enforcement wants to find someone to blame so that everyone is happy. But do they always find the right guy, not always. Will they change that - no. They are going to convict whoever seems right and whoever they can so that someone is caught and people feel justified.
Aw - if only things and people weren't so corrupt in this world. If only people could be sane. If only things could change.
I wish I could be in a position to make that happen. I will work on it. I want to change bad situations for good people. I want to keep them from turning into these news articles who do evil acts because they are 'mentally ill'.

Sorry for all the terrible stories. That's why I don't read, watch, or listen to the news. But I think I'm going to start looking at news sites since I have no other sites to look at. And I think it will help me to be more motivated to change things. To make things better, at least for that one person I can help....

Time flies - when will the pigs??

I can't believe how fast time has been flying by lately. I feel like it was just Monday. I mean - I'm glad it's Friday. I like my days of sleeping in. I also like to have time to get things done - or time to just do nothing.
But I just feel like time is slipping by. Feels as though it was just barely February, but here it is April. And pretty soon it will be May. And shortly thereafter it will be August. I just don't understand why time is going by so fast now. It's not like I do a whole lot. Yes, I stay busy with random things, but I don't really do much.
I really need to just start taking advantage of the time I have and get things done that I've been wanting to do. Otherwise time will escape me completely and I'll never get to do what I want.
I have so many dreams and ideas that I want to do with my life. I guess I'd better get started or I may never get to accomplish them. Aw - if only I could make time go slower so I can be sure to do everything and see everywhere before I'm too old to do so....
But then again - are you EVER to old to enjoy life? Are you ever too old to explore and see new things? Let us hope not, or I never want to grow old.
Alas - time is slipping through my fingers now so I must be off to work (the dreaded must if one is to survive in the material world). Perhaps one day I will no longer have to work and can just do those wonderful things I currently don't seem to have time for...

Thursday, April 3, 2008


I recently agreed to helping a friend take care of a dog. He really loves the dog and I thought it would be a fun time.
The dog is nice and very friendly. She's also deaf and barks - although everyone said she didn't. Apparently I bring out the best in her. I have no idea what kind of dog she is, but she's sweet.

Short haired, soft-ish, but sheds like no other dog I've ever met. I mean, she walked in my apt and instantly it was covered in fur. One time while sitting on the couch, she snuggled up to my friend and he was strangely wearing fur pants by the time she got off the couch. It's CRAZY!!

At first, having Callie around made me miss my little dog I had. He was SO precious. Little, cute and very much attention needy. He didn't shed NEAR as much and he was a purse dog(small enough to carry him in my purse). Although - I guess most Chihuahuas are like that, right?? Well - today is the last day for taking care of Callie. And I'm most definitely ready for it. I was ready for it a couple days ago. Don't get me wrong - I LOVE dogs. I would love to have one when I have a house, and a yard - which means not for awhile.
I do not like having to worry about taking an animal out to pee/poop every few hours. I don't like having my social life run by what time my dog needs to go outside. I don't like having to go outside when it's cold to stand there and wait for the dog to do it's business. I don't like my apt covered in fur. And I mean, COVERED. Everywhere she goes, there's fur. So even though we kept her mostly out of the bedroom - somehow the bed has fur on it. I guess that's because I sat on the couch in my pj's and then went to bed. Dang-it!! Looks like this weekend starts the spring cleaning!!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Personalized Accessories

Wonderful downtown. I was there yesterday. I was standing waiting for the elevator.
A business-man was there just before I was. He looked at me and then asked,

"Does your name happen to be Stephanie?"

"Yes. How do you know my name?"


"Oh - you read my purse. That's funny!"

Unless you want everyone and anyone to know your name (which isn't always a good thing), be sure NOT to have it written nice and big on things people notice.

Thanks, Work, for giving me this purse!!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Aw - the joys of construction. Although the definition of construction has absolutely nothing to do with this post. For some reason this process is still used in a lot of construction projects. This is called demolition.
We did not use any explosives, but we were still able to take this building and break it down into nothing. When I say 'we,' I do not mean me and the mouse in my pocket (although usually when I say 'we,' that is who I'm referring to). 'We' is Big Dog Demolition.
I was just sitting at my desk on Tuesday, doing my work (or maybe blogging) when a co-worker came in to get the video camera. I, being my curious self, asked what it was for. He told me they were taking down Bldg 7. YES!!!
So - of course - off I go to watch such a strange but awesome thing.
This machine made the building look as though it was made of paper. It tore right into the building, no problem at all. It took out walls, HVAC equipment, roofs, bricks, cement, couches, bathrooms, etc, etc, etc. It would stick it's teeth in the roof and then you would see all the shingles just ripple as they came off the rest of the roof. It was incredible to watch. The sound as it broke into the building was similar to biting into a crunchy taco or a cracker. But of course on a much louder scale.
Let me reiterate, this is not something done on every construction site. This is not something we even do very often, but it is something that I got to witness this week. It was pretty thrilling for some really strange reason. It made me want to climb into that machine and start hacking away at it. Obviously it would take more skill than I have to drive such a huge monster, but it would be a fun experience to do something like that.
I hope that someday, everyone gets to see such a thing. Almost makes you realize how fragile our roofs over our heads really are. It took probably weeks and weeks to build this 4 unit apartment building. (Especially because it was YEARS ago.) And then it only took about 40-60 minutes to tear it down. How long does it take a hurricane/tornado to destroy something? A matter of seconds. What does that mean to us? Guess we'd better be prepared for the worst.
A funny, yet almost sad story while watching this building getting torn apart - was the children in the yard also watching it. A co-worker said he wondered what the kids were thinking. Then one little guy came over to an apartment we were standing by. He tried the front door - it was locked. He started to ask a guy there (he spoke Spanish so I don't know exactly what he said) if his building was going to be destroyed next. The guy just smiled and told him no, to go play, he was fine. Kinda sad. The little guy didn't seem too upset about it, but the fact that his bldg might be destroyed before he moved out, that would be sad.
Same situation with a tornado. You come home to... rubble. What would that feel like? Or a fire, or a flood . . . . I cannot even imagine such a thing happening. I hope it never does either. I'm kind of attached to some of my possessions. I guess it would be good for it to happen to me so that I am no longer attached....
Anyway - this was awesome to watch. Strangely, quite exhilarating and fun!

It's just that age

Seems that just about all of my friends from younger years (high school) are either getting married, already married, and/or having children. And I keep getting told that it's just that age.

But I'm that age too and I'm neither ready to have children nor get married.

So it's not just that age. I have been meeting lots of peoples since I've moved to Raleigh that are within my age group that are still single. (Quite obvious since I go to a Single's ward and that's the only place I meet people.)And slowly people here and there are getting married. I'm so happy for them, but it's so weird.

Just about everyone I was friends with in high school are married. 3 of the guys are getting married this year. Some of them are pregnant (married, luckily). And others already have children. It seems so strange. I cannot picture my friends with children of their own. I guess it's because we used to just play and have fun and good off, like any high school kids. But now they are married, with families - or families soon on the way. It's just odd.

I've recently come to terms that I'm not against getting married. Some think that means I want to get married. That is just absolutely NOT true. I am perfectly happy with my life. I have friends, family, fun times. I have the freedom to do as I want. I have companionship, but not relationships or someone that I am 'stuck' with.

I don't know that I want a relationship just yet. They always seem to change things. I know that I would be with someone that is friends with people and enjoys spending time with my friends as I would enjoy spending time with his, but I also know that he and I would not alienate ourselves as some couples tend to do. We would be just as social and fun as we are now. I know we would definitely want some alone time, but I also know that we would be okay having other people around often. That's the kind of person I am, social, and I know I would be with someone who is also like that.

I think I have things to change before I get involved with someone. I need to be more confident in decision-making. I know I talk to people and they say it's not hard to make decisions, but for me it really is. One of my biggest fears is making the wrong decision. I will be working on making more decisions, little or big, so that I can be sure I make the right decision when the time comes to make important decisions that will affect my life.
I also need to be more confident in myself. I don't take compliments very well. I know there are things I want to be different and if I work on it and change those things, then I will be much happier and so much more confident. And if I'm confident about who/what I am, then I will also be less jealous of other women and less uncertain about things (feelings) that are said to me.

Aw.... The whole point of this post was just to say that I am at the supposed age of marriage and babies. But I think I'm going to skip that phase of this age and just enjoy life.

To paraphrase something someone said to me the other nite:
If you look at your lifespan, say it's 90 yrs and think about what you do... If you get married when you are 30 - that's only 1/3 of your life that you are single and able to do what you want. Which even that's not true because you were under parental rule for a large chunk of that time as well. Not including any relationships you were in before the marriage. It would be nice to be married because you know you'll always have that someone there. Someone to have dinner with, to go to a movie with, to travel the out of the country with, or to just sit at home. But that's a long time to be together....

I guess you'd really have to know that you are in love with that person before you decide to marry them, 60 yrs is a long time....