Friday, March 28, 2008

Bottle Messages

I've always heard the stories about people sending messages in a bottle, but have YOU ever done it??

Message in a Bottle

Has anyone ever FOUND it?? That's the even more exciting part. This article is all about how a girl sent a bottle out during elementary school from Seattle and someone in Alaska found it - 22 years later!

I think that's pretty fascinating. How strange to have it found? Even if you don’t remember actually doing it, the fact that the bottle was eventually found is pretty amazing.
I want to do something of the sort. Perhaps it will be found one day as well. Perhaps it won’t. But maybe if I put the right information, they’ll be able to find me. Perhaps it will be after I am passed on, perhaps it will be soon. Who knows…
But I suppose I should go on a cruise so I’m out in the ocean doing such a thing…?? Cruise anyone??


Ader Family said...

our morning dj's were talking about this bottle story

Alice Wills Gold said...

yeah, this is an awesome story..I would be too afraid to throw a bottle in an may cause some whale to die or something...geocaching is as close as I will get.

ReL said...

TOTALLY up for a cruise! Where we going and when?