Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Be Aware of the Work Place

Apparently there are other factors that you work in the ghetto.
This weekend there was a shooting where the guy has since died. And they are still looking for the suspected shooter. Uh-Oh!
It happened in the vacinity of where I work. HA!!
Oh - and the other day I was coming back from lunch and there were cop cars all around. And then there were a bunch of cops scoping out the area - all carrying some nice guns - looking for someone. Apparently someone had hidden in a storage container down the road (not OURS, thank goodness!).
Interesting area.
But I don't need an escort to my car in broad daylight even if all the guys keep mentioning it would be a good idea.


Ader Family said...

obviously it is a good idea, thank you very much!

ReL said...

See, told you that living in downtown would be scary! LOL. And you're not even living there just working. *sigh* good 'ol ghetto Raleigh.

Alice Wills Gold said...

SCARY...And I would not take the escort either...but be smart and get some mace.