Thursday, September 11, 2008

Darts - for four hours??

So - over Labor Day weekend, I went to Knoxville to visit family and friends.
We were home not even 20 mins before out the door we went again. We didn't get on the road quite fast enough when leaving Raleigh, so we had to make up for time by being quick on the getting ready. I'd have to say that we made some good time . . .
We met up with some friends at a karaoke place and then went and shook our booties for a bit. It was quite an entertaining evening though, I must say.
The next day we did the usual running around, doing errands, and just playing.
Saturday nite we went out, again, with some friends. We went to the 'Urban Bar &Corner Cafe' and had every intention to just be there for a short while until we went booty shakin' again.
Needless to say, we never left. We stayed at this particular bar for the entire nite. Playing darts, the jukebox, chatting, singing, a little bit of dancing, and really just having a great time. I honestly couldn't even begin to count how many games of darts were played, but it was a great time. The girls (individually and together) almost beat the guys in the number of times we won. Until the very end, when one of the guys beat us by one game.... MAN! And we were so close!!
Sunday and Monday were family days. Church, Boomsday Festival, and the lake. It was all good times. I don't live in Knoxville, but I very much enjoy visiting. There's nothing like going home for the weekend and getting to relax, yet feeling like I'm running from one thing to the next.

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