Thursday, September 4, 2008

Wrong Side of the Bed

I started this day totally upset, sad, hurt, and broken.
I don't know why I dreamt about that. I guess it was an accumulation of things that have happened the past few weeks. And although I know it was a dream, it still hurts. It still makes me want to cry and go back to bed.
When you wake up wanting to cry, you know it probably won't be a good day.
The dream was so real and so possible, but not very probable. It wasn't one of those dreams where you go, "Yeah right! That could never happen." It was one of those dreams where you wake up going, "Dang. That could totally happen. But let's pray to the gods that it doesn't!!!" Because honestly, if it did ever happen, I would be completely crushed. I would really not know how to handle it and I'm not sure what I would do . . . .
Oh, Please!!! Don't let it ever be like that!!!

I had an amazing weekend and an interesting weekend. I will definitely be posting more about all of those. But not until later. I need to concentrate on work and get this dream out of my mind!!

Omigosh... please let me have dreamless sleep tonite. Please...


ReL said...

That's crappy. I'm sorry you're going through some tough stuff and I know you've got Cassie and all but if you need to talk...I'm around.

Southard Family said...

so... what happened in your dream? Did you enjoy Daimon's attempt at trying to cheer you up?