Thursday, October 9, 2008

Tag - You're It!!

Okay - I won't tag anyone, cuz I'm not really sure who reads this.
But REL tagged me so I have to post the 4th picture in my 4th picture file... Good thing I'm using my work computer...hahaha!!
Strange thing about my pictures (or my OCD habits) is that I like to keep everything in folders and labeled... So this was technically the 4th picture, in the 4th folder in the 4th category of folders. . . If that made sense.
And it's also a different folder than when I open 'My Pictures.' When I go to upload the pictures, it's all in a different order. But I'm glad, and I'm sure my friend would be glad as he would've been the chosen picture for the 4th of the 4th had I went in the 'My Pictures' folder order.

This picture was taken on the way out dancing in Wilmington. Yes, I enjoy going to the clubs and dancing.
Feels like it's been awhile... Or perhaps it's just been awhile since I've gone with the peoples I used to go with...
Either way, I may just have to remedy the whole 'not danced in a while' feeling.
Clubbin' Friday nite anyone??

1 comment:

ReL said...

YAY! Someone did it :-) you rock.
Cute pic by the way and very confusing description of how you came by it lol. Loads of folders my dear.