Thursday, February 26, 2009

What am I eating??

Do I really need to know that certain yogurts or drnks have ground up bugs in them?
Do I really need to know that certain ice cream and puddings have seaweed in them?
Do I need to know that the shiny coating on candy and fruit is also from bugs (excretions to be exact)?
And is knowing that gelatin (gummy bears, Jell-O, etc) is made from animal parts going to stop me from eating it?

Regardless of how the food is made or what it is, it's still tasty, it's still necessary and it's still something I'm going to consume. So why would you want to tell me these things??

I guess some people are anal and some people are vegetarians to the extreme degree. I, however, am not. Give me something tasty and I'll eat it.

Have you ever had frozen gummy bears?? I always put them in the freezer and they make for a yummy treat because they don't really freeze, just get cold.

1 comment:

ReL said...

HAHA! I'm like that with hot dogs. Who cares what's in 'em so long as they taste good on the way down lol.