Thursday, March 5, 2009

I miss you....

I was talking to a friend earlier this week - a friend that was a short part of my life a few years ago. It was great catching up with him although it reminded me of simpler times. Of fun times, but past times.
Those days will never be regained or relived. I have changed, they have changed and all the changes in everyone's life will never really bring us together again. Nothing like it once was.
But I still find myself yearning for what had once been.

I miss the simple times.
I miss having silly times.
I miss not caring about relationships.
I miss not being completely carefree.
I miss the days of not thinking about my future.
I miss the days of not worrying about what's next.
I miss the days of just looking forward to the next party or the next weekend of fun and nothing more.
I miss going on dates.
I miss the days where my biggest worry was my research paper or project.
I miss the days of flirting and teasing all the time.
I miss the days of getting butterflies in my stomach when I thought about 'that guy.'
I miss the extreme butterflies when I actually saw 'that guy.'
I miss racing down the road with friends in both cars cheering their driver on.
I miss going on group dates.
I miss getting dressed up fancy.
I miss being outdoors as much as possible.
I miss making eye contact with that cute guy and flirting across the room - even if I never talk to him.
I miss going camping.
I miss life.

What am I doing?? I don't have to miss life - I need to LIVE life.
I need to stop worrying and stressing over what's next. It's not really in my control. I will know soon enough.
And I don't need to have people to live my own life. It's great to have people in my life, but they shouldn't be keeping me from living it and doing all the things I want to do.

So - Hello Life!! Let's start living.

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