Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Joys of Summer

Aw... the nice sunshine.
Relaxing out by the pool, surrounded by pretty and brightly colored flowers - reading a book while the kids splash in the pool. The occassional splash reaching outside the pool to cool me off just in time to keep me outside without having to submerge myself beneath the cool water.
The mornings of having a delicious breakfast (or somedays more of a brunch) on the porch while again enjoying the beautiful flowers, nice sunshine and distant sound of birds.
The wonderful picnics at the park with tasty watermelon and sandwiches.
The nites of seeing the stars and fantastic lightning bugs flashing off and on among the trees and bushes.
The weekends of camping, the days of sunshine, the months of vacations, and the relaxation of not having to get up early or go to work.
Oh - the joys of summer.


Katy Beth said...

Those still exist? Wow... :P

Laura said...

sounds like you are living the life..... enjoy!