Sunday, August 16, 2009


(For those unfamiliar with missionaries: Young Men -and sometimes young women - in our church serve a proselyting, 2 years, full-time, away from home and family and technology, submerging themselves completely in the Gospel. They are to follow certain rules/standards. No movies, no dating, no social life, no computers, etc.)
While I was out of town my mother sent me a text message saying there was an attractive missionary, my age, from New Zealand, that was serving in our area. I just laughed and shook my head of course. He's a missionary, Mom, so what good does that do me?
Well - today was the first time I went to church there in a few weeks (I've been out of town). And it just so happened that the first person I saw was this Elder that my mom had mentioned. And she was right - he IS good-looking. However, he's STILL a missionary.
I have this kind of unspoken rule that I try to keep my distance from them. Not because I'm trying to be rude, but because I am a single female, close to their age, and have a tendency to flirt with single males that are close to my age. So it's easier to just stay away from them. This rule hasn't changed.
Apparently he's just a really friendly guy - or he doesn't have quite the same rule that I do. He purposely sat right by us in the first meeting (he sings good). And then he talked to us in between, asking my sister and I about her boys and such. I talked very little. Then between the 2nd and 3rd hour, he talked to me and another lady - where I still said very little, if anything at all. After church I had to find out what time we could drop off dinner tomorrow, so I had to talk to him. He wanted to come over and 'hang out' with us sometime. I just laughed and said that probably wouldn't happen anytime soon.
As I walked out of the building, he did as well. He asked what my name was and then asked me why I wasn't married.
Why am I not married??
Of course after my look and answer of, "Um....?," he said he was just kidding. I have had people ask that before (not that I need to be married, sheesh people!!) but never by a missionary. It was pretty weird... but quite funny.
My brother-in-law said he was just trying to flirt - which is not good. I personally think the only reason he was talking to me is because it was the first time he'd seen me, and I'm honestly the only single young adult that attends. But for the purpose of lifting my self-esteem - we'll say it's because he thought I was a hottie and wanted to meet me, so he tried to find some way to have conversation. (hahaha)
So - now I have to be sure to really stay away. I feel like being too friendly to a missionary distracts him from his work. Even though he's good looking (a rugby player, tall, dark-hair, dark-skin, nice, accent, good with kids), he's on a mission and therefor off-limits.
Not that I'm looking for a guy anyway - but I think I need to put some blinders on and pretend I don't see him (or at least not his cute smile).
Maybe blinders to all guys would be a good idea right now....??


Anonymous said...

Well, i am not to sure what to say on that one.....good luck. For you, it is going to be a real challange to keep the blinders on and expecially not flirt with a hot guy! Good luck girl! Oh and one question: Why is it the hot nice wonderful guys are always off limits? LOL!

Alice Wills Gold said...

Wow Steph, you at least have to wait until he gets transferred to throw this out there.

He is really cute and VERY friendly. He talked to me for quite some time in the parking lot last Wed.

But, I am sure he is only that friendly to the hot married ladies or the hot NOT MARRIED ladies. :)