Monday, September 7, 2009


I once heard that most cultures eat to live - whereas the American culture seems to live to eat... Sounds about right - and the obesity rate seems to support that.
But this post will be about my LOVE for certain food... and sometimes I live to eat. That's just how it goes... But I also have a food intolerance for some...
This is a recent discovery. I used to just eat whatever and then sometimes I would get sick for a couple days. I could never figure out what it was. Then I thought maybe it was peanuts - probably because of something I ate and then was sick the next day. But then I've discovered it's for all nuts - almonds, peanuts, etc - and that made me sad. I really like nuts, especially chocolate covered ones.
I read an article today comparing food allergies to food intolerance. I'm not allergic, just intolerant. And honestly the sickness after eating it isn't worth not eating it. So I've decided I will continue to eat those wonderfully tasty morsels and just be sure I'm not camping, vacationing, or traveling the next few days after.

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