Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I got to wondering...

about a lot of things actually.
Why did I sign up for something that will keep me in this hell-ish place for longer than I ever wanted? (love the family - but don't want to be here)
Why do I let personal things out on my blog?
Why do I listen, when I swore I wouldn't the last time it happened?
Why can't I save money - even for a good purpose?
Why do I let emotions get involved?
Why do I always say the wrong thing?
Why don't I ever say things at the right time?
Why can't I ever seem to get things right?
Why can't I distract myself?
Why do I care?
Why do fries taste so good when they are so unhealthy?
Why can't I just run away?
Why do I always have a stash of candy?

And now I think I need to stop posting such personal things and start posting more random, unemotional, actually entertaining things.

1 comment:

Suzi Q said...

I don't mind reading your personal stuff. It's not like your giving out your social security number. Keep your chin up my dear.