Tuesday, October 13, 2009

And your name shall be Squishy . . .

I have nicknames - probably more than I can remember (I obviously have memory issues).
But I don't remember how I got most of them. Or who gave them to me. Or what happened that I would get such a name.
Most of them are pretty obvious, but some of them have personal meaning behind them, but I cannot - for the life of me - remember what the story behind them happens to be.

Steph - obviously just a shortening of it
Step-on-me - Thanks, FullHouse for coming up with such a cruel name.
RefrigerAder - Not sure where she got it, but a good friend of mine uses it sometimes.
GatorAde - Again, not sure why this girl started it - perhaps has part of my last name in it?
MovieStar - got when I was younger perhaps because I was supposed to be a movie star
Monster - I don't remember this story (but he got me a Monster drink to show me...haha)
AderHater - they rhymed and he said I was a hater - but we all know I'm not (all the time).
Goober - well, this is just a name used for everyone....ha!

I've also been called Mom, Grandma (apparently they can't keep our names straight), the occasional 'cruel' word my friends and I would yell at each other in jest, and there were probably a lot of others as well. And probably names that were used behind my back to talk about me. Ha!
So - do you have a nickname for me? What are your nicknames?

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ReL said...

I think I like the title..I'll call you squishy ;-)
I've gathered so freaking many over the years but my faves are:
REL-OBVIOUSLY, rellibell, arielley, Keenster (gotta love Jason for that), Oreo, Cookie (from being called Oreo so often) and REO Speedwagon.