Thursday, March 25, 2010

I have Permission

I was discussing with my nephew recently how I wanted to go to the beach. I asked if he wanted to go. And it proceeded into a conversation of whether he would want to move and leave his friends. He decided he could visit and so could they.
He also decided he would like to live by the beach.
But that I definitely could too. I asked him, since he can't move without his mom, would I be able to move to the beach? I asked him if I should move? He said, "Yes, you can move to the beach!"
hahahaha.... I love how my nephew gives me permission and then acts like it's the simplest decision and plan in the world.
Aw - if only it were as easy as he thinks.
Another day he said if I moved, he would have to visit me EVERY weekend.... well, at least once a month. He's adorable and quite funny. But I'm glad he gave me permission.
Recently I went to visit the beach (thus asking the little guy if I could move there) and it was wonderful. While at church, we had to be introduced to everyone. So my friend, Ariel, introduced herself and said she was trying to move there. Then I introduced myself and told them she was trying to convince me to move there. Turns out that they all agreed with her. So they all proceeded to give me reasons that I should move..... aw.... if only it was that easy.
There's a lot of factors other than just wanting to.... but I'm sure it could be a good possibility. Right??