Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Driving along

This morning, on my way to work, I was already running a bit late. And then it happens to be raining. We all know how people drive in the rain - really slow. Normally I would just drive right on past them, but there were quite a few people and I don't change lanes as often (some call it 'weaving through traffic') when it's wet and rainy as I would when it's dry. Thus, I was stuck driving slow and was late for work. Good thing there was no rush this morning.
Another driving update: I was in a hurry leaving work a couple days ago (was eager to get home to see a good friend that was coming to town) and I didn't notice how fast I was going .... or the cop car that was sitting there clocking me. Thus I got pulled over. But somehow I am eligible to call, pay court costs, and not have it put on my record. I guess the tickets I got as an NC resident haven't transferred to my TN record - YAY! - and I won't have to worry about this one. At least, that's what the officer said, that I would be able to have it go away if I pay court costs. Now, hopefully he was right. Then no one can give me crap for a ticket, because as far as anyone with clout cares, I didn't get one recently. hahahaha....
I'm hoping that I will have driving stories soon (not that I like driving, but that I would like to go a few places). With work 4 days a week and school 2, I don't get much time off to go places. But we shall see what this fall/winter time brings. Hopefully some good memories.

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Ader Family said...

sheesh it sooo wasn't worth hurryin' for...slow down!!!