Thursday, October 18, 2007

forgotten art

Usually one would say it's a lost art. But it's not LOST - it's just forgotten by most and many of those I associate with. It's such a sad thing. Such a hopeless thought. But perhaps one day they will all remember it again and give hope to not only me, but to many others in the same single situation I am.

Wednesday nite I received a phone call, and although my room-mate answered it, it was I that was asked out for a date on Friday nite. I am unable to go of course because I am going out of town. There were two male creatures at my apartment at the time of the phone call. So their response - instead of being the, "Wow, you got asked out. That's awesome. Guess I should've done that sometime" - their response was more like, "Wait, YOU just got asked out on a DATE?!?!" "A DATE; YOU? Really!?!??" "Someone called YOU and asked you on a DATE!??!?"

If a girl didn't know better she would be insulted by the surprise that was etched on their face and the complete disbelief in their voices. Why would I NOT be asked on a date? Do I have some kind of disease? Am I THAT ugly? Am I that hard and unenjoyable to spend time with? Am I that undesirable?

Of course not. It's just the fact that they didn't know other males still did such rituals. They didn't realize that most girls enjoy the attention and the effort behind such a simple phone call and activity. They have forgotten that in order to find their 'mate', they need to make an effort. They need to call. They need to take her out and swoon her, get to know her, show they care about her. What a thought . . .

Strange enough - I received another phone call last nite as well. This guy invited me out for Friday or Saturday nite. As I got off the phone (and it was most apparent that he was nervous just to call), I was bombarded again. "Wow - ANOTHER date? Really?!?!" That wasn't as much of a suprise. That was more of a statement of being impressed that I had a possible two dates in one weekend. Maybe I shouldn't be going out of town . . .

Irregardless of whether or not I am interested in the males that ask me out, irregardless of what they plan to do on the date, irregardless of what others say - it's still enjoyable to realize that someone wants to spend time with me, by myself, and wants to get to know me. Not just 'hanging out' in a group, not just 'kickin' it with peoples', not just 'going out' but calling and asking for a real, true date. That's something that should buoy up any girls' spirits.

Now - it just so happens that I've decided to move . . . to the other side of the country. And just as I've made that decision and am forcing myself to stick with it (I'm REALLY bad at continually changing my mind), I am asked on dates, I am noticed. But I suppose that's alright. I suppose that while I'm in the area I will just have as much fun as possible and enjoy what I can.

Please - those of you who read and are single - don't get saddened or lose hope of the wonderful art of dating. And please don't forget what it means to others, what it means for yourself, what fun it can be. Don't forget the wonderful - yet forgotten art - of Dating . . . .

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