Wednesday, February 27, 2008


I know that this is an internet posting, and it's very open to the public. But sometimes I forget.

Which is part of the reason I wrote the "Emotionally Distancing" blog. I am not used to people reading them, or commenting on them.

I'm not regretting having posting said blog, I just have to remember that it is something that is read by others.

I recently led Mr. Backburner guy to my blog through a round-about way, not realizing he would actually get to my blog and READ it.

I'm pretty glad he read it, actually. Because, although things have changed quite a bit between us (to be explained later), he now knows how I felt previously. He knows what it was like in my shoes more than if I had told him. Because let's be honest, I probably would've NEVER told him.

He apologized profusely for ever having treated me in a way that I would feel such a way. He didn't need to. I know it wasn't intentional, but I'm glad he read the post and that he understands a little bit now.

And if he reads this blog more, then more power to him. If he never reads it again, that's fine too ....

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Alice Wills Gold said...

Yeah yeah, you try to play off your emotions so well..we know you really care.

I am glad that you have discovered the hidden aspect of blogging...communicating with a loved one.

that is the whole reason I have blogged so much lately..LG hasn't been home at all and so this is the way I have tried to keep him posted. :) No pun intended.