Thursday, February 28, 2008

Completely Opening Up

No - that's not what I am doing in this post. But I have realized that some people have absolutely no problem whatsoever in opening up to others. Whether those people are close to them, new to them, or a complete stranger. Does that mean the person opening up is friendly? Or just likes to talk?

My 'dentist' (a girl in the ward in school to become a dental assistant) has opened up to me about herself and this guy she's been kind of dating. I didn't really ever talk to her before, but I do hope to become friends with her after all of this. But I do not really know the guy she's dating hardly at all either. His name and what he looks like is about all. I absolutely LOVE that she does open up to me. But I find it odd that some people have absolutely no problem doing such things. They don't seem to mind sharing something of themselves and their personal life with others.

I on the other hand - am completely the opposite. I don't usually open up to other people. There are a few select (mom, Kristie, and some things to certain friends) but there aren't very many. And I just would rather NOT open up to people. I do not want them to know me. I don't usually share my dreams, goals, things I want to accomplish with my life. I rarely share how I feel about certain subjects, people, ideas. I just am not one to open up about things. I ask questions about others ALL the time, but I prefer that over opening up.

I have moments when I want to share EVERYTHING with someone. Just let them know me completely. Let them get inside my phsyche (sp) so that at least someone knows me. Someone who is close and cares. Someone who won't leave me. Someone who is willing to accept all those quirks that I have. All those uncertainties and confusion that I seem to bring into everything. Someone who has just as odd of quirks and confusion. Perhaps then together we can get to some semblance of understanding.
Anyway - I don't usually open up to people. I may start to, but it's not likely....

Btw - does anyone else find it odd that one would start to fall asleep while in a dentist's chair?? I do, yet I did it anyway!


Alice Wills Gold said...

Me= open book...I am sure I annoy people telling then way too much information.

My favorite passtime=trying to get way too much information from others!

Ader Family said...

what do you think a bartenders life is like or a florist...they know everyones life story. as for the dentist chair thing...weird i'm always way too tense.

Saxon said...

me too, I'm always far too tense when in the chair to even think of falling asleep.