Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Creatively Forgetful

I have my creative moments.

But then I tend to forget them.

Like this morning - or perhaps it was last nite - I had thought of something and had come up with a great post for it, great idea for writing, but then I forgot to write it down and of course I didn't have a computer around.

I lost it.

That's happened multiple times. I would be talking to a friend and say, "Hey, I need to blog about that!!"

But what happens...?? I forget and of course my friend doesn't remember either. Or I just forget .... Arg!

Hate it!
But it happens....

Sidenote: I got my hair cut yesterday. . . I don't think I like it. She cut it more than an inch. That's TOO much.... I need my hair to grow faster. About 4 more inches and I'll be happier. So - Vitamin B, here I come!!


Ader Family said...

sometimes called a blond moment, sometimes called a senior moment, ha ha!

Alice Wills Gold said...

I call it early onset only gets worse with every kid you have...clinically proven that you lose brain cells with every pregnancy.

I HATE when I forget that "amazing post" before I ever get to it...usually it will come back to me...sometimes not for a month or two...but eventually it will come try not to stress!

Saxon said...

I'm sure I've had many moments like that. I wonder how many great blog posts their might have been