Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Great Outdoors

This past weekend I was able to go with a friend to pick up a car in Hendersonville, NC. It was a most enjoyable trip. We were able to go in the mountains and play in waterfalls... The scenery - although it's still winterish - was beautiful!!


And of course - I got hurt.... I guess that's what I get for walking around waterfalls in barefeet. Although it's many times better than walking them in flip flops. And I got a LOT less hurt than last time.
I mean - a sliced toe? Or 23 stitches in your chin? I think I'll stick with the sliced toe . . . Too bad I couldn't choose LAST time.

All in all - the weekend was WONDERFUL and amazing.... I haven't been to the mountains in such a long time and it was beautiful. And it was fairly good weather. It only started to rain a lot as we were planning on leaving. hehe! Neither one of us minded, Rain is GREAT!

So - thank you for the great weekend! And my toe won't get infected, it will be fine!! Besides, it hasn't hurt for the past two days....


Alice Wills Gold said...

You're welcome...oh, you weren't talking to me...i am glad you got to have fun! Looks like a blast.

Anonymous said...

You are so beautiful! Looks Fun!