Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Internet Security

So - while I'm at work I am blocked from some of my most frequently visited sites. Which is pretty sad... but I guess that makes me work more. Or blog more.

I am addicted to Facebook and a little bit to MySpace. I was CONSTANTLY checking facebook and just keeping myself entertained. Obviously it was because work was slow. But now that it's not slow nor is it extremely busy, I would still like to be able to check it. I do not get that priviledge however.

So - needless to say I will probably be blogging more. Much to Alice's delight. And I guess it's good. Maybe I can start to be more creative too...?? Or at least find more entertaining things to write about to keep everyone coming back for more. HAHA!


Alice Wills Gold said...

Yes, I am soooo happy...and if you will just admit that you are "in love" I will be even happier!

Ader Family said...

in love with blogging?? oh YES, I'll definitely admit to that!!