Thursday, March 27, 2008

Social Event of the Year

Okay - I don't actually KNOW what the social event of the year is going to be, but I decided I'm going to host it.

I'm not sure where, when, what, how, or anything of the sort - but I want to do it.

I love hosting parties, planning events, doing fun things. I like to be social most of the time and I really enjoy sharing fun times with groups of friends. I would LOVE to have the social event of the year be something that I organized and put together. It's so much fun.

Although it would be even more enjoyable if I had guests that seemed to appreciate it a little bit more, but that's okay. I enjoy doing it regardless of their non-appreciation.

Social Event of the Year - yes, I'll be doing it. I'll be in charge. I am very much looking forward to having my next party. What should it be? House-warming? Naw - other people will already be living there. Maybe it'll just be a huge Spring Bash?? That would be fun!

I'll get brainstorming on that. But seriously - for those of you in Raleigh that read this, be prepared. There's going to be other get togethers before the Social Event of the Year, but trust me - they will ALL be fun!!


Alice Wills Gold said...

How about you move back to Knoxvile, come to our ward, and take my calling.

Ader Family said...

a spring picnic in the park with all the hoopla???

ReL said...

Dude, you so need guests that appreciate it more. You should ditch you job and become a party planner... do you know how much those people make?? TONS!