Wednesday, March 26, 2008


There's always that cliche thing to do - when a girl is alone, she sits at home eating ice cream or cookie dough and watching a sappy love movie.

Well - last nite I decided to make cookies, and of course I need to eat some of the dough first, and watch 'Bones.' So I mixed it all up and carried the bowl to the couch with me... I'm actually not big on eating a lot of dough, so I ate some and then just watched the show. Finally, as I was sitting there kind of chilled, I decided to bake some so I could get warm and have tasty, fresh cookies. I baked a batch, and then sat down with a plate of cookies and a glass of cold milk. It was pretty good!

I thought to myself how typical and pathetic it was for me to do this. But then I realized that I had been craving these cookies for a LONG time. My excuse was always, 'but there's no one here to eat them.' But even when there WAS someone there to eat them, I hadn't made them. So it was about time. Plus, I wasn't drowning my sorrows, I just happen to be enjoying an evening by myself with some tasty snacks, Dr. Brennan, and Agent Booth.

Besides - whoever heard of anyone drowning their sorrows in oatmeal chocolate chip cookies??


Ader Family said...

it sounds good to me, especially with agent booth, lol

Alice Wills Gold said...

ooo. I think I will make some tonight!

ReL said...

So really it's not all that "Cliche" I mean you weren't sad and you weren't watching a sappy love movie... it was Bones LOL which let's face it is the furthest from a love movie you could have gotten without watching a horror flick. I think making and eating cookies by yourself is perfectly alright and you should stop second guessing everything :0)