Monday, March 3, 2008

Twitterpated Season

The weather today - or practically all weekend - has been gorgeous. It's that early spring air. It's warm, but not quite the weather to not wear a jacket (although I was in the office all day, so maybe it got nicer). It's a different kind of spring feeling than out west. Maybe because it's only March and it's happening, or maybe because it's got that humid feeling instead of dry. I'm not sure what it is, but it's wonderful and I love it.

Although this is the season for twitterpation. That I'm a little worried about. I fall in like in the fall and spring into romance in the spring. Okay - so I can pretty much fall in like at any time of the year. Haha! But even "Bambi" shows that springtime is twitterpation time. And there are a lot of weddings that happen too....

Speaking of weddings.... I got the opportunity last week (Thursday) to attend a wedding. It was short, as I suppose they usually are, and it was sweet. She couldn't stop smiling. I could tell they were SO HAPPY. I was SO EXCITED for them....!!!
That same day I was also able to go to the hospital and see a 5-hour old baby. She was adorable!! I'm glad I didn't hold her, and Kristie will be glad too, because I would just keep bugging her to have a girl if I had held this little girl.
But to witness a wedding and see a newborn all in one day, it was sort of a lot for my head to hold in. And I would've blogged about it before, but I couldn't quite wrap my thoughts around what it was I was thinking about.
And just this evening I was thinking about it again - different thoughts - and decided it was wonderful.
For probably the first time in my life, I can actually say that I am willing to get married. I have always been very adamant about not getting married, staying single, living and loving life. But I actually have realized that marriage can be happy. Regardless of all the unhappy marriages I've seen, I know that it can be happy and wonderful. And that's what I'm going to have. Not anytime soon, no thought of it happening within any near future, but it will happen - someday. And no - I will NOT start planning my wedding like some of you did. And I will NOT try desperately looking for someone to marry. But I am not opposed to the idea of someday getting married.
I haven't quite pinpointed what made the difference... I think it was Rachel and Mike's wedding. It was really a cute one and they just looked SO HAPPY! So - one day I want that love and happiness that they have between each other.
As for the baby - I could see that happening some day as well. But not until AFTER the marriage. So since I definitely will not be getting married anytime soon, the babies will not be happening until MUCH further LATER!!

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