Monday, March 3, 2008

Stupendous Saturday

Saturday was STUPENDOUS!!!

Ariel came over, we went and checked out a house that's currently under renovation that we are planning on moving into this month. The progress doesn't look like it's much or that it will be done in time, but whatever. That's another post for another time....

We then got to spend the afternoon primping. It was great!!! I LOVE getting all dressed up and looking pretty. But I spent too much time on painting my nails and didn't do my make-up as good as I'd hoped, but that's okay. It didn't really matter anyway. :-)

The above link takes you to Ariel's lovely blog about it all. It's true that it was amazingly fun.

Cheesecake factory for dinner... YUM!! I didnt' actually eat that much, silly me. But what i ate was delicious. I also got two different slices of cheesecake - Snickers and Strawberry - that I am still enjoying!! MMMMM!!!!
Mini-golfing was fun, even if I had just done it the nite before. Haha! We didn't really keep score, we were just messing around. It was pretty hilarious!
Rock-band of course was AWESOME especially because we were in our formal wear. hahahaha!
I'm looking forward to getting the photos from Ariel's camera. Mine only has a few, and not that many good ones. So I won't be posting any on here, at least not until I get the good ones from Ariel.... HURRY UP, GIRL!!!

Can't wait until our next time to get all dressed up fancy. It's so much fun to get all pretty and just feel great! Next time I will also be able to fit into my FAVORITE red dress....


ReL said...

NO WAY am I letting you get away with planning your own Birthday! At least not without my help :-( I'd be horribly sad if I couldn't help you out. And what's this about Todd helping??? hmmmmmm? I'm going to seriously make it up to you even if it means I'm buying you lunch/dinner the next four times we go out!!!! PS- I love you and you're an amazing friend thank you so much I really did have the best birthday EVER!!!

Alice Wills Gold said...

WOW. i either haven't been blogging enough or you are on a roll...3 posts at once.

I am glad you get to primp for a whole afternoon...what the heck?