Thursday, April 3, 2008


I recently agreed to helping a friend take care of a dog. He really loves the dog and I thought it would be a fun time.
The dog is nice and very friendly. She's also deaf and barks - although everyone said she didn't. Apparently I bring out the best in her. I have no idea what kind of dog she is, but she's sweet.

Short haired, soft-ish, but sheds like no other dog I've ever met. I mean, she walked in my apt and instantly it was covered in fur. One time while sitting on the couch, she snuggled up to my friend and he was strangely wearing fur pants by the time she got off the couch. It's CRAZY!!

At first, having Callie around made me miss my little dog I had. He was SO precious. Little, cute and very much attention needy. He didn't shed NEAR as much and he was a purse dog(small enough to carry him in my purse). Although - I guess most Chihuahuas are like that, right?? Well - today is the last day for taking care of Callie. And I'm most definitely ready for it. I was ready for it a couple days ago. Don't get me wrong - I LOVE dogs. I would love to have one when I have a house, and a yard - which means not for awhile.
I do not like having to worry about taking an animal out to pee/poop every few hours. I don't like having my social life run by what time my dog needs to go outside. I don't like having to go outside when it's cold to stand there and wait for the dog to do it's business. I don't like my apt covered in fur. And I mean, COVERED. Everywhere she goes, there's fur. So even though we kept her mostly out of the bedroom - somehow the bed has fur on it. I guess that's because I sat on the couch in my pj's and then went to bed. Dang-it!! Looks like this weekend starts the spring cleaning!!


Alice Wills Gold said...

It's just like children...It is totally different when it is your own.

ReL said...

The only comment I have here is... what do you mean HE loves the dog? I thought you said it was Ingrid's dog?

Ader Family said...

It IS Ingrid's dog... but he really likes Callie (the dog). But she's gone - so I'm cleaning like mad all day on Saturday! :)
Oh - and you're probably right, Alice. I plan on loving my own dog, but I won't have one for awhile!