Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Now if only we all had as many hands as Genie here has the priviledge of having.
I was sending an e-mail to a couple girls in the corporate office this morning, so I wished them a happy day as well. I had to copy my boss when I sent the e-mail, so he saw what I had written. Then I heard him talking to some of my co-workers and he said he wasn't going to get me anything because he doesn't consider me an administrative professional. I asked him what he thought of me as - and he said a Construction Administrator. Which sounds pretty similar to me. Of course then he said I'm so much more than a secretary. Secretaries answer phones, get coffee - that sort of thing.
I laughed.
He asked why - "I do those things too!!" Which made everyone laugh. "But you do it so much BETTER than a secretary."
Whatever, boys, you keep thinking that. Either way, I AM more than a secretary, but it was still entertaining.

And what did I do to wish myself a 'Happy Administrative Professional's Day'??
I brought DONUTS to work for everyone. Yeah - it was yummy. (Really I just wanted something for breakfast and it was on the way...hehe)
So - to all those of you who are Administrative Professionals - HAPPY DAY TO YOU!!