Thursday, April 17, 2008

Heels VS Flats

I have decided yet again that I like wearing heels. Today my shoes are actually very comfortable, yet they are heels.
I actually have a few pairs of heels/platforms/tall shoes that are comfortable to wear and not bad to walk long distances in. I also have some that I can barely walk in at all and you'll not see me wearing those very often. I don't know what it is about some heel to your shoe, but I love it. I feel much more lady-like. Even if I'm just wearing jeans and a t-shirt. That's what I like to wear heels with actually - jeans. I mostly only wear jeans anyway, so it works. The problem, well not so much a problem as a bore, is that I work for a construction company. Now - I'm the only girl onsite and I don't do any fancy meetings or go to any special conferences, so I have no reason to dress up. Which is great for most days since I'm lazy in the morning anyway. But sometimes I wish I had to dress business because it would make me feel important. There are days, such as today, that I wear heels anyway. It seems pretty pointless working on-site when they aren't practical walking all over the site. But then again, I don't walk the site all day long. I actually am in the office the majority of the time.
But either way I still enjoy wearing heels because when I walk around in them, I strut. Not purposely, but that's just what heels do. They make you walk like a lady and swing your hips. And I like that....
There are also some heels/stilettos that I will NOT wear because it's not only pointless, but painful.
I'm not sure why anyone would wear shoes like this unless it's for their profession - like actresses and such....Especially with that platform part on the front of the foot. I think it would be more like wearing stilts than wearing heels. I might get them for some sort of costume party or such, but these would definitely not be the kind of shoe I see and go, "I want to wear THOSE shoes today."
Although I suppose there must be enough women that buy/wear them or they would no longer produce such painful shoes.
Lately I've been wearing flat shoes. There's nothing wrong with flats. I know some females that don't ever wear heels. Flats are comfortable, cute and can be worn with anything. They can be plain, or decorative. They can be colored or solid. They can be used for dancing, playing, or just about anything. You don't have to worry about what the evenings activities contain when you are wearing flats because you can do just about anything in them.
Shoes like these (okay, maybe not as cute as these, but flat like these) are what I've been wearing lately. I have this thing about not being taller than those I'm with. And some of the time it's not a problem to wear heels because I won't be that much taller than everyone. But so far this year I've been mainly wearing flats because most of my friends are my height. I don't like towering over my friends. Especially the male ones. So I rarely wear heels. I think that will change, however. Especially since most of my heels are fun for summer and it's starting to get warm out!!! Yet - that's also the time that I wear flip-flops alot. I guess I'll reserve those shoes for spending time with the shorter friends. hehe!!


ReL said...

I read somewhere once that women who wear heels tend to feel more beautiful... or something like that, it's all in the fact that the height makes you correct your posture more and so you stand up straighter and get that sexy swagger going on and then it's all hot stuff from there.
AND LOL! at the hooker shoes. They still produce those because there's still women dancing on poles! HA HA HA!

Alice Wills Gold said...

Heels and flats both have their very good places in this world. We need them both for different occasions.

ReL said...

update! :-)