Friday, April 25, 2008

Rising Gas Prices an Excuse??

Apparently the attendance in college classes is dropping because of rising gas prices. Is that really an excuse?

Can I call into work and say, "Hey, gas is $3.89. I can't make it into work today."
Nope - sorry, not an excuse.

Use the bus, walk, ride a bike.

That's also been an excuse for my friends to not spend time with me. Which is completely ridiculous. But I'll say - hey meet me here or there and we'll hang out. They say, no - not tonite. I don't have any gas. . . . WHATEVER!

And along the lines of the cost for gas.... I know money doesn't buy love, but I hope my family realizes how much I love them because gas is definitely going to cost me a LOT this weekend!! But it will be worth it!!


ReL said...

Hey not all of us have an economical car to drive around in... And when it takes $50 a tank you start cutting back on hanging with friends :-P I sympathize with your WHATEVER friends.

Alice Wills Gold said...

Man, maybe I can start summer early for our kids...what a great excuse!

Southard Family said...

Yes, it wasn't cheap for you to come last weekend... but we sure loved having you there. thanks for coming.
love you