Friday, May 23, 2008

And the beaching begins...

I have already been to the beach a couple times this year... but this weekend will be the first big trip of the summer!!
We are going tonite and coming home sometime Sunday evening.
I am SO EXCITED. I love being close enough to the beach to go for a day, or for the weekend.
Oceans are wonderful and since it's starting to get warmer out, the water will actually be tolerable. I've heard it's much warmer than the west coast - but I wouldn't actually know. Someday I'll compare the two, but not this weekend. This weekend is all about the east coast!!
We are going to Morehead City, NC for a Single Adult conference. The dinner and luau (performed by good friends of the family) and dance is tonite. Then tomorrow they have some speakers and such. Whether we wake up in time for the meetings tomorrow has yet to be determined. But we will be going tonite. And hopefully we can meet some fun, single guys (and girls for those males joining us) to play on the beach with us all day on Saturday!!
Either way, it's going to be a great, relaxing time on the beach. YAY for the summer beach trips.

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Alice Wills Gold said...

Oh, so proud of you for posting a picture of yourself in your bathing suit....this is something that I wuold have been way to self conscience to do at your age....and man, I didn't look as good as you but I sure would do anything to look like that again...yeah, anything but exercise and eat right :) ha ha