Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Funny Cravings

Last nite I went to FHE where we had a Memorial Day cook out and then a lesson. It was pretty enjoyable. Got to talk to people I don't usually talk to and eat some tasty food. I would've stayed for games, but I barely felt like being social as it was.
On the way home, Cassie and I thought that Cook-Out milkshakes sounded really good. And honestly - we couldn't get them off our minds. Just the thought made our mouths water.
We sat around the apartment for awhile chit-chatting. There were some friends that were supposed to stop by. Krista suggested that we get smoothies instead cuz at least they were healthy. We asked and found out that Planet Smoothie isn't very far from the apartment. Needless to say - we were out the door in less than five minutes.
From the moment Krista suggested it, I was craving a smoothie. Oh - it sounded SO GOOD!!
We drove toward Planet Smoothie, but with no such luck. The place was closed. It almost looked closed for good, not just closed for the nite. But I guess we'll have to check back another day to see if that's true.
So - sadly we went off to Cook-Out for some milkshakes. Oddly, we were craving milkshakes so bad, but then our craving switched to smoothies and it just wouldn't switch back again. At least not for me.
Oh - the milkshake was good, but the smoothie still sounds so delicious.... I guess I'd best try to find one soon or I will go crazy!

Good thing not all dreams come true or I would think this odd craving situation was because I'm pregnant... Yes. I dreamed I was pregnant last week. I must've eaten something bad before I went to bed because we all know THAT dream won't be coming true anytime soon!!


~Leave it to Lyla~ said...

Hi Stephanie!! It was good to see you friday even if it was only for a minute! You look great and hope you will come to visit us sometime soon! Love you!!! Lyla

Alice Wills Gold said...

Maybe your cravings had somehting to do with the pregnancy dream...you HAVE not known a true craving until you have been pregnant.