Friday, May 16, 2008

I need to pull a Maggie Carpenter. . . .

Or for those of you who have not seen "Runaway Bride" - I need to make some decisions about myself.

Do I like my eggs poached, scrambled, benedict, or not at all?

Would I rather have my honeymoon on some mountain sharing my nuptial with a sherpa and a yak?
Or would I rather go to the beach, have someone cover my eyes while I walk, just to feel the way the sand goes between my toes?

Honestly - I know which of the two honeymoon options I would rather do. But what foods do I really like? What places would I really like to travel to?
I know I say anywhere, but what places really interest me??

What do I really want to do with my life? What music do I like to listen to?

All silly things, but all things that make up who I am.
I need an adventure. I need to travel and go places.
I know that's part of who I am.

But I need to know what really makes up me. What makes me who I am? What makes me do the things I do? What am I made up of?

I have to know myself before I can expect anyone else to know me.
I have to know who I am before I can really get close to anyone else.

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