Thursday, May 15, 2008

Moved in - Just to move out Again

I've moved recently - and as of last nite, I finally have everything away (with the exception of one box of food) and decorated.
I'm not really sure why I made sure everything was decorated. I think it's because that's the easiest way to store it all. Not everything can fit under the bed. It will also make things work better for the next couple months.

And that's just the thing - I moved all this stuff and I'm only going to be in the apartment for a couple months. Was it worth it? I don't know. I'm supposed to be saving a lot of money by doing this. Let's hope it works!!

But here I am, looking for apartments again. I have to be out of this one by the 31st of July. And since I'm going out west for a Family Reunion and such from July 13th-20th, I guess I'd better find a place before I leave. The weekend I get back, I've got to be moving everything out again.

I like the idea of packing things up. I like unpacking and I like re-decorating and organizing. I definitely do NOT like moving big heavy boxes and furniture though. I do NOT like sweating hard all day long by myself. I do NOT like going up three flights of stairs with my arms full of boxes while everyone else is sitting inside an AC living room chit-chatting about nothing important. But I do like change and I do like variety.

I definitely think my next place will be a year lease though. Or at least 6 months, and then perhaps sign the lease again. Month-to-month is not really a good idea, it's too expensive.

I also haven't decide yet if I want a room-mate or not. It's definitely cheaper when you're sharing the rent. But I really like the idea of living by myself still. I have given myself until mid-June to decide. I may like living with people. But then I have to figure out who to live with, in a house, in an apartment? One room-mate, or two, or more??

I may decide I like my sanity rather than having a cheaper place to live. But then again - if I find the right layout of an apartment, I might prefer a room-mate. I just don't know. Guess I'll have to just keep searching and find out.

Ask me again in about Mid-June whether I want room-mates or not. :-)

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