Friday, May 2, 2008

Living Alone

I went from living alone, to living with someone, to living alone.
But since my room-mate moved out, I've been busy with people, places and never really have nites to myself.

Especially lately. I've been either going somewhere, have someone over, or am on a trip somewhere. It's been fun and I've VERY much enjoyed it.

Last nite I was home by myself, with not a whole lot to do. It was so nice. I went shopping after work, rented a movie, packed a little bit, and then sat down to watch the movie. It was great. Like old times... And I definitely recommend 'August Rush' to everyone. It was a GREAT movie. I teared up, but maybe I'm just emotional...?

I will not be living alone for much longer - only a few days really. I'm looking forward to this summer and the fun I'll have with room-mates, but it will definitely help me decide whether I want to live alone or with people. I really like living alone, but perhaps having room-mates wouldn't be so bad. It would definitely be cheaper... but is it worth my sanity? I guess we'll find out in the next couple of months.

I'll just enjoy the next day or two that I have to sit at home by myself.... Most of the next few days have something going on so it won't be much or by myself. But I'll enjoy them all anyway.

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ReL said...

I just watched August Rush Wednesday, SO freaking good! When I go to take back the rental I'm gonna buy it out of the 2/$20 pile lol!