Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Freezing weather

It's actually been incredibly gorgeous weather lately - outside that is. For some reason I always get stuck in offices that are freezing cold.
Yesterday was nice outside, but not all that hot. I had forgotten my jacket - which I usually bring to work with me - so I tried to keep the thermostat a little higher. My boss came in and turned it down to 66. They left, I turned it up to 70. They came back in and he complained it was warm. I said that, "I turned it up. I'm freezing and sit right under the vent. Usually I bring a jacket and don't complain, but I forgot it today. Sorry. I'll turn it down again."

This morning I remembered my jacket - good thing!! But when I walked in, I saw this great contraption set up. . . .
Now - it might look a bit strange, but the idea is great! It's supposed to keep the cold air from blowing directly onto me... I still haven't noticed that it works. I think it really just makes the breeze blow over the sides of the shield. But it was the idea and the idea was sweet. I'm glad they thought of me.
But I'll still bring my jacket everyday, just in case!!


ReL said...

I feel ya on the freezing office space... it's like they're over compensating for the heat outside with freezing weather inside. Freaks. So you practically have to wear a winter coat to keep warm!

Ader Family said...

i think its awesome that they thought of it...at least to try.

Alice Wills Gold said...

what can't be accomplished with a few good men?