Thursday, May 29, 2008

Not that my siblings read this

But I want them to know that I have something I admire in each and every one of them.
I wasn't just favoring Dave - although he is the one I am most jealous of.
I am also jealous of other things of each and every one of my siblings. They each have something that I would like to be able to do, to try, to experience.
I am not close with my siblings, and I don't try so it's just as much my fault. But I do love each of them very very much. I enjoy different things about them.

Kristie - being the oldest, she didn't have anyone's footsteps to follow. But she made her own trail and her own life. She has lived many places, traveled to others. She is strong in what she believes and wants in life. She is amazing and has two amazing little guys who are absolutely adorable. She is also my confidante most times. And she's also very friendly and outgoing. She's an amazing hostess and a person who's always been there for others. She also has some serious patience with the rest of us siblings.

Jon is a mountain man and apparently so amazing he can hover in mid-air. I've always been envious of his 'no fear' personality. He just goes and does it. He has climbed many of mountains, explored many of caves, and has done some pretty outlandish but awesome adventures. He has been to different places in the world - perhaps unvoluntarily - and seen some cool stuff. Jon can be hard to talk to, but he at least is strong in his beliefs and is not afraid to argue his point or to state his meaning. (Sometimes that can be a bit hard, but it's Jon and I love him regardless.)

Brian is great! He's got that 'do what I want' personality - it conflicts with mom - but it's still great and something I wish I could do. Brian has also done some crazy things. He get along with everyone and always seems to have a good time. He doesn't start arguements (except maybe with Ben) and only sometimes does he seem to get really riled up with anyone. He doesn't need anyone to be there - he just goes and does his thing (Florida trip, nites on the town, etc). Brian also sticks to his guns about his chosen lifestyle - even when everyone seems to tell him he's crazy. (Go Vegetarianism.) He's a pretty chill kind of person who is just around to do what he wants, but enjoy life and make the best of it.

Ben is completely different from everyone else. Ben is intelligent and although the baby, he still sticks to what he knows. He is a great worker and is patient. He really knows what he wants in life and is working for it every day. Ben is a great example to the rest of us siblings and all his friends. Ben was willing to take a dance lesson with me one nite, even though we didn't know anyone there. It was a lot of fun and I'm glad he came. He also was willing to go to a concert with me even when he didn't like the group just because I didn't want to go alone. Ben is willing to try new things and be different. He has his own interests but also shares some of the same with the rest of us and it makes it a lot of fun. He is a great guy, a gentleman and I know that everyone enjoys having him around.

So I love my family. They are amazing. We are all so different but we are all one. I want to try to take all the good things from each of us and incorporate them into my life as well. To make myself just as great as them.
I love you guys!!!


Southard Family said...

Ben is different then everyone else... intellegent! lol
I read your blog so there!

ReL said...

That's really cool that you wanted to let your family know how much you love them for each of their own individual special qualities.

Alice Wills Gold said...

Wow really have been posting...I apologize for being so far behind..

I love your fam...especially know because he's the smart one! :)