Tuesday, June 24, 2008

And it hit me

I have so much to do, in so little of time.

I'm out of town the next two weekends on just fun weekend trips. Then I'm gone for a week to visit friends and family out west.

The week I get back - I move apartments.

I have to pack for the trips, pack for moving, and finish all these little projects that need done before I go away on any of them.

I feel as though I never have time to do them. What do I do with my time?? Apparently I don't manage it well enough. But that's certainly going to change. Starting tonite I'm working on the little projects that I really need to get at least a little bit more done.

And then I'll start getting things prepped for moving. YAY!! It's so exciting. This next place will be much more permanent. Phew - cuz I'm sick of moving.

I guess I'd better start managing my time more wisely and get stuff for work done....

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ReL said...

It sucks how that happens it just kinda sneaks up on you.

PS- it wasn't meant as a diss :-) I was just commenting on how I really wanted to go and you guys would be at the beach which offers a very nice alternative, sort of a comparative glance at my willingness to attend :-P
so yeah.. glad you like the structured ones because we're hosting one in October :-D