Friday, June 13, 2008

Swimsuit Season

Although I may have started late prepping for the swim-suit season, I have been preparing. And technically I started the swim-suit thing in April, but not everyone does.
So - I've been working out, every day, for the past month-ish.
I feel no improvement. I see no improvement.
I've been trying to eat healthier, with some progress.
But there is still no improvement, no change.
Then I came upon this article about Loving my Non-Bikini body, and believe you me, I do not have a bikini body. But that's just the thing. Who cares?
I actually even purchased a cute bikini - black with light pink and white polka dots - to give me motivation. I have pictures of a favorite actress (Jessica Alba) on my mirrors.
(As a side note: I read that she has the perfect 'wiggle' which is something I want to achieve. ". . . a woman with a 25in waist and 36in hips has just the right proportions to carry off a sexy swagger as she walks.")

But I have not lost weight, gained muscle, or any such thing. Last nite I returned the bikini (not sure I would've been confident enough to wear it even if I was size 0 with no body fat). And although I'm going to continue to work out - harder than ever - I've decided that even if I don't go down a few sizes, or I don't become perfectly toned, I'm at least giving my body exercise. And that's good, regardless of whether you can see the change.
I am who I am. I'm not going to limit myself completely from the things I enjoy in life just because I want to be like a gorgeous actress. Don't get me wrong, I'm still going to strive to be her body type, but I won't hate myself if I'm not like that. Especially because it's a lot of hard work.
As long as I'm healthy and I continue to have fun and live life - that's what really matters.
Size 0 or not - I'm going to the beach and I'm going to love every minute of it!


ReL said...

A little heads up from an expert in this area... it takes a long time to actually see the results. If you weigh yourself every morning and keep a record of it then you'll probably see a few lbs. BUT to actually SEE it on your body (of should I say off?) it's going to take a lot longer than one month. It's funny how you can see the fat go back on in no time at all but for it to come off it feels like the slowest thing EVER! ALSO, and not to be rude to very large women by any means... but that's my motivation. Instead of putting skinny pictures up I like to have very large pictures up (even ones of myself looking like quite the chunk help). Hang them on your fridge and so when you go to get some icecream out of the freezer you see the hefty ladies and go... oh wait... no icecream for me!

Alice Wills Gold said...

I am glad that you took that bikini back. I must be an advocate for modesty.

Read this.