Thursday, July 3, 2008

I'm not a Boy Scout ... or a Girl Scout

I am most definitely not prepared.

I'm off to go camping this weekend, but I don't even have a tent, flashlights, sleeping pad, or any sort of camping equipment at all.

Okay - I have a sleeping bag. But out of everything we would always take for family camping trips, even just over-niters, there would be a LOT of stuff. Maybe it's because we always had a lot of people. Or maybe it's because my dad always loved camping. But either way, I'm definitely not prepared enough to do some serious camping. Good thing we probably aren't doing very serious camping...

We are going rafting all day Friday and doing some hiking on Saturday. I'm pretty stoke about it. I haven't gone camping in awhile and haven't done rafting for about a year. Who knows if I'll even survive - last time I hurt myself, not seriously, and let's hope no one gets hurt this time around.

Oh - and I'm not a Girl Scout because I don't really do fun, crafty things. Nor do I make cookies or do nice things for people. HA!!

And guess what..... We are into the single digits! Only 9 more days!!!


ReL said...

I AM SO EXCITED!!! Don't worry I'm pretty sure I'm prepaired enough for all 14 people LOL! And if anyone gets hurt I've got my brand spankin new first aid kit... because I'm a walking disaster so someone should keep an eye on me at all times :-D HA HA.
Seriously though, this trip is gonna ROCK!

LuLu said...

Stephanie Ader, I'm not sure if you're the right Stephanie or if you even remember who I am. We were friends when we were little kids in Pittsburgh. My name is Lauren. YOu moved to ID and then I moved to TX a few years later. Send me an email if I've got this right!