Friday, August 8, 2008

Buried Treasure

I was lucky enough to have some family come to visit this week. They came in Tuesday, brought a bunch of my decor items, and helped me set it up. Then on Wednesday, we went to the beach.

We even happened to find some amazing buried treasure, too!!

We got to do some wave surfing (as Taison liked to call it), playing in the sand, and getting some rest in the sun.
It was a really fun time. It's too bad that it was the first time this summer that they were able to come. And probably the last, because school starts next week for Taison. 1st grade!!
Perhaps next summer they will be able to visit more. I love the beach, and it's always great spending a day there with family and/or friends. If anyone would like to go, let me know. I'm usually up for a day trip. Or perhaps even a whole weekend trip!!

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Ader Family said...

the time was tooooo short wish it could have been at least 2-3 days. loved it!!!