Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Move Every Year or So

I have moved about every year or just over a year since I graduated high school. I even moved after a short couple months in one place.
But for now I am in Raleigh.
And perhaps that is why I am so antsy. Maybe it's why I feel as though I've got to do something or I'm going to burst. Maybe it's why I've been looking at taking trips and going places.
I guess traveling more would cure my 'moving ever year' habit.
For now I am where I am. And I'll be here at least another year. The joys of a lease.
And in the meantime, I guess I should probably find a way to keep myself ultra busy as I am ready to go crazy.

I have nothing to count-down to.
I have nothing to look forward to.
Life is so uncertain and up in the air.
All I have to expect is more unknowns.

"Bring it on!!" (I say in my false attempt at bravery)


BrittbeeLynn said...

Wow...maybe I need to just move around a bit, because I don't get it's appeal. Moving is enough to send me into a craze. I'd much rather stay in the same place forever. Anyways, you could always count down to Christmas...or is that too far away?

ReL said...

You've got Friday to count down too LOL. It's something anyhow.