Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Mornings are EVIL

I've never been a morning person.
Some mornings I toss and turn for awhile before I finally drag myself out of bed unrested.
Other mornings I am so conked out that I get angry at my alarm for going off.
But regardless of the morning, I hate it.
Okay - not EVERY morning, but if the morning starts with my alarm going off, then I'm sure it's a disaster.
This morning was one of the worst yet. I did not want to get out of bed. My body ached slightly and just wanted to lay there. Yet my stomach was hurting and I felt sick. I wanted desperately to go back to sleep. And I snoozed my alarm so I could for another 20 minutes. But it really didn't help cuz I wasn't feeling good enough to get completely back to sleep.
Yesterday I woke up feeling incredibly sick. I just layed curled in a ball hoping it would go away. Waking up with stomach pains is terrible.
I haven't figured out if it's because my stomach is so empty it's eating itself, or that's my body's way of protesting getting out of bed. But whatever the reason, it doesn't start my day off very well.
The crazy part is, I go to bed at a decent hour most nites. Yet I wake up more tired than when I went to bed the nite before. I think I lose sleep when I sleep. Is that possible?
Dreams are exhausting, crazy and sometimes downright scary. I honestly think my dreams are what keep me from ever feeling rested. A nite's sleep, no thanks. I'd rather just take a nap. I seem to actually feel refreshed when I wake up from those. Although I don't want to wake up from naps, either.


CDM said...

Its nice to know we have two very angry morning people living together! I'm glad we feel the same!

ReL said...

I think it's hilarious that we both wrote our blogs about lacking sleep today. I'm sorry you're not feeling well hopefully it will get better.

Alice Wills Gold said...

Maybe you are pregnant.??? :)

I have to hollar I hate mornings every day, just for good measure.

Even if I sleep in until 10, I still hate mornings.

Take a half of a is sure to knock you out.

And, really, i think there is a stomach thing going around. All of my kids have puked once in the last few weeks, and LG has been sick to his stomach for no apparent reason for a week straight.