Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Roach Killer

I will not be taking any pictures of the roaches we've killed thus far, but let's just say there have been a couple of really big, nasty ones.
Our management company should've treated the house before we moved in, but at least they've decided to treat it.
In the mean-time, our living room is our kitchen.
And our craft room.
And our dining room.
And the guest room.
If only I had pictures of all these different roles the living room takes. But here's one of it as our kitchen and craft room. I promise it will never be this messy again!! We just have to get our collage finished before we can put it all away. It will be done soon...
And we don't want to put the kitchen back together until we know for sure all the chemicals are not going to kill us.

"What should we have for dinner?"

"Not sure. Let's scope out the coffee table and see what we've got."

Our living room will always be a multi-use room. We've fed the missionaries in there, watched movies in there, did (still doing) our collage, had our kitchen there, and even had my family all spread out in there for a nite. This is only the beginning of the adventures for our amazing living room.

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